Capiton Contest Rules


Must be 18+ to win.

Captions are to be submitted through the Lightning 100 Contest page found on

One caption may be submitted per day, per email account used.

Entry to contest means entrants agree to the rules set forth by Lightning 100

Captions must not contain any unacceptable or inappropriate content. Captions containing content deemed by Lightning 100 to be unacceptable or inappropriate will be removed from contest page, and entry will be void.

Contest will run from Thursday, 7/24, at 10:00 AM CDT through Tuesday, 7/29, at 4:00 PM CDT. Entries will not be accepted or judged before 7/24, at 10:00 AM CDT or after Tuesday, 7/29, at 4:00 PM CDT.

Winning entries will be selected by Lightning 100 staff based on the criteria*** on Tuesday, 7/29,at the end of the contest period, and the winner will be notified via Email.

Tickets must be picked up during office hours from the Lightning 100

***A winning caption will exemplify the following criteria: Creativity, Humor, Relevance to the Photo, and efficiency of word use


7 Responses to “Capiton Contest Rules”

  1. Beverly Robinson says:

    Just wondering if you could tell me who won the Caption Franti contest. I live in Memphis so need to get a hotel room if I happen to be lucky enough to grab some friends and drive up! My cell is 901-268-2623. Or I’d just like to read the person that described it best. Didn’t realize my first 2 “replies” that I was on the wrong page. LOL.

  2. Beverly Robinson says:

    Reba…come on down to Soulshine…this is how we sing PRAY FOR PEACE.

  3. Jeremy Grogan says:

    Trying to listen to the sound of sunshine……

  4. Tim Shelton says:

    Yoga is also the best way to practice advanced belly flopping moves.

  5. ron arnett says:

    “This position helps me hit the high notes!

  6. Beverly RObinson says:

    Brett, Trevor, SOJA, I can hold this pose for 11:59:59. Hey SOULSHINE fans come on to Nashville and pose and sing with us.

  7. Gary Hewitt says:

    Launching in 10 9 8 ……….

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