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  1. Christina says:

    Any chance y’all will be doing any contests/giveaways for Sturgill Simpson at 3rd and Lindsley? Either night!! I can’t believe I missed the on-sale window! :(
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  2. Brandon Payne says:

    I would also love two Damien Rice tickets. Half of the tickets available for The Ryman show are on Stubhub. Any chance you guys could help a brother out?


  3. Kelly S. says:

    Damien Rice tickets have all gone to scalpers- any chance you are doing more contests for them? Would love to get a pair for me and my friend!

  4. Michael Wryker Jessing says:

    What happened to posting a reply to the VIP Tickets with William Shatner?! NONE of my replies post and your webmaster@ligntning100.com email address no longer works!!

  5. Tena Reed says:

    I won 2 tickets to see Tom Petty back in June and haven’t heard from anyone yet. When can I expect to receive my tickets / info? I am very excited to see this show. Thank you!

  6. Nick Peters says:

    I won VIP tickets to the first week of Live on the Green during the lineup announcement at Hurry Back during the USA vs. Germany World Cup game. I haven’t received any info on these tickets yet and it’s next Thursday. The guy told me I didn’t have to fill out any additional paperwork since I put all of it in the ipad when I entered the drawing, how do I get these tickets?

  7. Pat McMahon says:

    Won tickets on June 6th during Wells Adams shoe for Tom Petty in September. I haven’t received any info as yet.

  8. Wayne Durr says:

    Is there any way to get a backstage pass to the Morrissey show?

  9. kazu says:

    I work out of town, and when I’m in town I work… so (get those tissues ready) I always seem miss it when you guys give out the great tickets (or I can’t get to your live broadcasts)! Will you be giving tickets away to the Young The Giant show? If so, when should I be online listening? I’m presently in the Catskills… freezing my ass off.

  10. Amanda H. says:

    Will you receive tickets to give away for Million Dollar Quartet at TPAC? I really need to see that show. :) Thanks!

  11. Brandon Lokey says:

    I really need tickets to the Nickel Creek concert at the Ryman in April. Any change you can help me out there?

  12. Kelsey McGarrigal says:

    I was in class at good ol’ Belmont University when Weezer tickets went on sale and by the time I could get online to get a pair they were sold out. Do you guys have any tickets?

  13. Sarah says:

    So bummed the Moon Taxi concert is sold out. Was going to be my first chance to go to a concert on NYE with a new guy I am dating. Let me know if there’s any way to get/win tickets.

  14. Austin A says:

    How does one get a keyword?

  15. jim irick says:

    Just wondering if you have any tickets to ratdog in march at the ryman, and if so, how can I get some?

  16. thomas hansen says:

    was in Nashville yesterday and heard about Ben Folds upcoming show at Ryman tomorrow night on your station. Just looked at Ryman site and was sad to find that the show is sold out. Heard you were having a contest to give away tickets???

  17. Brad Patterson says:

    So I just heard that the Animal Collective show was cancelled, which really is a bummer.

    I won tickets through the contest Wells Adams was conducting through Twitter.

    Is there any chance ya can hook me up with tickets to a different show?

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