Ticket Window


10 Responses to “Ticket Window

  1. Jackie Crouch says:

    I keep hearing you all talk about a Secret Brandi Carlile show.. Do you have any more tickets or is there a way to buy them?… Thanks so much!

  2. Christina says:

    Any chance y’all will be doing any contests/giveaways for Sturgill Simpson at 3rd and Lindsley? Either night!! I can’t believe I missed the on-sale window! :(
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  3. Brandon Payne says:

    I would also love two Damien Rice tickets. Half of the tickets available for The Ryman show are on Stubhub. Any chance you guys could help a brother out?


  4. Kelly S. says:

    Damien Rice tickets have all gone to scalpers- any chance you are doing more contests for them? Would love to get a pair for me and my friend!

  5. Michael Wryker Jessing says:

    What happened to posting a reply to the VIP Tickets with William Shatner?! NONE of my replies post and your webmaster@ligntning100.com email address no longer works!!

  6. Tena Reed says:

    I won 2 tickets to see Tom Petty back in June and haven’t heard from anyone yet. When can I expect to receive my tickets / info? I am very excited to see this show. Thank you!

  7. Nick Peters says:

    I won VIP tickets to the first week of Live on the Green during the lineup announcement at Hurry Back during the USA vs. Germany World Cup game. I haven’t received any info on these tickets yet and it’s next Thursday. The guy told me I didn’t have to fill out any additional paperwork since I put all of it in the ipad when I entered the drawing, how do I get these tickets?

  8. Brad Patterson says:

    So I just heard that the Animal Collective show was cancelled, which really is a bummer.

    I won tickets through the contest Wells Adams was conducting through Twitter.

    Is there any chance ya can hook me up with tickets to a different show?