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Keeley Reed joined Tuned  In Broadcasting in the summer of 2008 as Team Green Event Coordinator. In 2010 she stepped in as Team Green Adventures Director with a goal to bring Team Green Adventures back to it's original mission-- to simply engage Lightning 100 listeners and individual community members in an active lifestyle, while fostering an appreciation for the environment and community. Her job entails interactive updates (website, newsletter and facebook) for Team Green, planning all upcoming Team Green events, writing and voicing all Team Green radio copy on Lightning 100. You'll often see Keeley at Yoga In the Park, Indoor Rock Climbing, backpacking, and kayaking events. She is usually accompanied by her two dogs: TG (yes, it stands for Team Green) and OhJoe.

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Lightning 100’s Team Green Survey

Each year we send out a Team Green Adventures Year End Survey to get feedback from YOU: Lightning 100 listeners, Team Green’s supporters and fans, first-time adventure seekers, volunteers, and community members… so YOU can help us plan events and activities for 2014.
We take your advice seriously, and we REWARD you for sharing it with us! Take the 2013 Year End Survey, and you could win one of 5 GREAT prizes:

At the end of the survey, select the prizes YOU WANT to win! Winners will be announced January 2nd, 2014. The deadline to take this survey is December 24th at 11:59pm.
Past survey results have helped us redesign our website, reduce our membership pricing, choose our member t-shirt color, add new events to our calendar, discover new Non-Profits to partner with, change our event policies, offer more online giveaways, and promote more of Lightning 100’s events on the Team Green calendar!

EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT INTERESTED in becoming a part of Team Green Adventures, we still hope  you’ll take our survey. Responses from listeners and community members who are not interested in the Team Green program also help us to make improvements for the future… plus you can still win the prizes!

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Team Green In Training

If you’ve felt like a couch potato for too long and want a great excuse to achieve something big, Team Green Adventures is proud to announce a new partnership with Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team In Training. Team Greeners and Lightning 100 listeners can get $50 off the registration fee (50% off) with coupon code L100. Better yet, Lightning 100’s Team Green Adventures has our own fund raising team so we can help each other out in achieving our goals!

So, exactly what is Team in Training, and what would we be training for? This season, we’ll be training for fall events across the US! If you’re interested in becoming a cyclist, you can train for the Viva Bike Vegas Gran Fondo Ride; If you want to be a marathoner, you can train to run or walk the Women’s Nike Marathon or Half Marathon in San Francisco, the Hard Rock Cafe Half Marathon here in Nashville, or the Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon at Warner Park; If you’re interested in becoming a triathloner, you can train for the Nations Triathlon in Washington DC; or check out any of the “Flex” training programs for other unique options!

As a Team In Trainer, you’ll fund raise for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, covering all your training and travel expenses to get you on your way to your endurance challenge (airfare, hotel, meals, etc)! You’ll fund raise as a team, train as a team, travel as a team, and walk away with an experience that will change your life! Lightning 100’s Team Green Adventures Director, Keeley Puncochar, is taking the challenge and training for her first ever Half Marathon! Come out to an info session between now and May 24th to learn more about the Team In Training experience and join the Team Green Adventures In Training team.

Are you OK with just being a couch potato for now? You can still help make a difference by supporting your fellow Lightning 100 and Team Green Adventures “teammates in training” by making a donation to the Team Green Adventures team, or supporting an individual teammate.

Let us know if you  have any other questions. Email Keeley at

-Keeley P.


What’s New with Team Green

Hey Lightning 100 Listeners! Here’s just a quick update on what’s going on with Team Green!

  • We know times are tough, and your sense of adventures isn’t something that money should be holding you back from! One Year, Two Year, and Couples memberships have all new pricing, so check it out!
  • Team Green Adventures is about to hit a major MILESTONE! We have almost 1,000 card holding members! Be one of the next 20 to register for a membership this month and you could win a $25 Gift Card to Sport Seasons, along with a bonus membership package with Moisture Wicking Team Green Gear!


Commit to Commute Update #6

Weather has been very tricky for the Team Green Adventures and Harpeth Bicycles Commit to Commute Challenge this past month! We started off with frigid temps, followed by non-stop rain, and now blistering heat! Nonetheless, I’m trying to get out on the bike as often as possible. I have found that although commuting to work has not been the easiest thing to do, afternoon leisure bike rides have been great. The temperatures are cooler and traffic is calmer. I unfortunately won’t be able to commute this week (even though it’s going to be beautiful weather) because I’ll be leading a long weekend island camping trip with Team Green Adventures at Cumberland Island, GA. I can’t bring my bike with me, but there are bikes to rent on the island, which I just may take advantage of!

In the meantime, I received an email from Lindsay at Harpeth Bicycles for an online interview she’s doing with all the Commit to Commute Participants. If you want to start logging your miles online and share your experience, email her at to get started! If you’re a regular commuter, you can log all your miles started back on May 15th!

Below is my response from the interview. I’ll share the link the article once it’s posted!

1. Why did you decide to commit to commute this month? I decided to commit to commute this month because cycling is an activity I’ve always been interested in, but never took the initiative to start doing. This challenge provided me an incentive to get out on a bike for the first time in years and wake up some sleepy  muscles.
2. How has riding this month affected you personally or physically and why do you think that is? Riding has been difficult because of the weather. Cold, Rain, extreme heat! There has only been a small window of good weather. However, the evening rides with the family have been a great experience and I definitely feel that I wake up with more energy in the morning because of it. Commuting on the days that I can has also impacted my eating schedule. I’m a horrible meal planner and forcing myself to commute has required me to eat a good breakfast and pack a good lunch so that I’m not tired during my commute. It has also required me to drink more water, which I should be doing anyways.
3. After this month event do you think you’ll continuing riding as much? Why? Honestly I wish that I have been riding more often that I actually have. I do plan to purchase a bicycle (perhaps something more in line with recreational riding instead of daily commuting, though). I’m a cool weather person, so I’m more likely to pick up commuting more often in the fall (Sept-Dec) and again in the spring (March-May). Yoga in the Park starts up this week and I plan to ride my bike to that event each week that I can attend.

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Commit to Commute Update #5

Harpeth Bicycles hooked me up with a cool helmet video camera, which I spent most of the day yesterday learning how to use. When I got home, I told the kids how cool the Commit to Commute Challenge was, and they voted to do a family bike ride after dinner. Here’s a fun clip from the ride!

We rode a total of 3 miles in about 40 minutes. Now the girls have a goal to ride at least 25 miles as a family for our own personal family goal. How cool!

-Keeley Reed, Team Green Director


Commit to Commute Update #4

So, today should have been my first “official” day commuting into work for Team Green’s Commit to Commute Challenge. I transferred everything from my laptop bag into a backpack. Purchased a neoprene laptop cover just in case of unexpected rain. Put all of my electronics into a zip bag (calculator, cords, camera, etc)… I was ready! Then, I stepped outside to strap my bike on to the car, and I totally wimped out! It’s FREEZING out there! I purchased some nice bicycling clothing, but it’s all warm weather stuff. I’ll have to wait until later in the week when it gets back into the 70s. In the meantime, I am still carpooling with my fiance, Jon, to reduce our fuel costs (and of course, our carbon footprint).

I did go on one bike ride last week. After the Commit to Commute Kick Off Info Session at Harpeth Bicycles, a few of us went for a bike ride down Carothers Parkway for dinner. It was a beautiful night, and a great opportunity to test out the bike before taking it home. Our total trip was just over 6 miles. Three to the diner, and three back. We were not on the road even 10 minutes when an SUV (driving in the opposite direction), shouted out the window “GET A CAR YOU ******ING *******IES.” Really?! How does that make any sense?

Other than that (very disturbing display of expletives), the rest of the ride was great. Most of the vehicles gave us the required 3 feet of road, if not more. There were one or two cars that rode ride next to us, and that was definitely a scary situation. As a bicyclist, we can’t get much further to the side because the road drops off into the storm water ditch. Getting any closer could mean hitting the curb and bouncing off into traffic. We also can’t see who or what is coming up behind us (unless we have mirrors on our bike/helmet… which I do not). It’s startling, and dangerous to be that close to a car. If there is a pothole or any other debris in the road, we don’t have room to swerve around it.

Following up from a previous blog post, I found out that the reason the three roads leading from my house into work are so dangerous for cyclists is because they are  State roads. Metro cannot create a bike lane or bike route on those roads without permission from the State (which of course takes a long time). So, on days when I can commute by bicycle, I’ll be carpooling in with Jon to his work, then riding my bike from his work to mine (just under 2 miles). That’s definitely manageable. Maybe as I become more comfortable with the bike I’ll adventure with some longer rides.

-Keeley Reed, Team Green Director


Commit to Commute Update #3

Tomorrow (Wednesday) is the Commit to Commute Kick Off Info Session at Harpeth Bicycles. Hopefully lots of you can join me to learn more about the challenge and commuter gear to make our commutes more comfortable.

On a separate note, I’m really bummed to find out that there really aren’t any safe commuting routes between my house (near the Airport) and Lightning 100’s Office (near downtown Nashville). The best routes I could think of were along Nolensville Rd, Elm Hill Pike or Murfreesboro Road. When I asked a fellow cyclist friend about commuting options in that area, this is the response I got back:  “That area and most of Antioch is under-served for bicyclists.  Murfreesboro Rd nor Nolensville (though a little better) are very good for bicycling. ‘Only the poor or the heroic will ride on those roads.’ If you’re trying to be car-free, I’d jump on the bus with my bike and finish the last part of my trip by bicycle.”

There is a bus stop off Murfreesboro Road not far from my house. A few other options I thought of include putting bike on my car with a bike rack and driving to a park & ride location then cycling from there, Driving straight to work with my bike and cycling to all of my meetings/out to lunch, or carpooling with my fiance everyday to his place of work then riding my bike to my work from there. I’m favoring the last option. This would allow me to cut out my car completely and I could split some of the gas costs with him to help save both of us some bucks. We’ll see how it goes in the coming weeks.

-Keeley Reed, Team Green Director

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Commit to Commute Update #2

On Monday, in the middle of tornado sirens, I found myself on the interstate passing by the Cool Springs Blvd exit. Harpeth Bicycles is just around the corner, and I needed to get out of the rain, so I pulled off and stopped in. I had a great time while waiting out the storm! Fred and Lindsay already had a bike picked out for me! I hopped on to make sure it fit right, then we walked around the store looking at all the neat commuter accessories. Here are a few things I checked out:

  • Storage rack. For any commuter in need of extra storage, a rack ban be installed over the rear tire. I can either bungee cord hard items directly to the rack, or I can zip tie something like a milk crate to it to function as a basket for groceries.
  • Commuter Computer. This cool little gadget looks something like a pedometer for the bike. It keeps track of mileage, calories burned, estimated time of arrival, and carbon offset, along with many other fun features.
  • Custom bike seat. If for any reason the standard bike seat isn’t working for me, I can pick out a different one that meets my needs (whatever they may be).
  • Bike lights. Any commuter should be prepared to ride in the dark. Flashing bike lights can be installed on both the front and back of the bike, along with reflective tape for the body and tires of the bike (even your helmet). I plan to also carry around my headlamp so I can point a light in the direction I’m looking.
  • Helmet, of course! If you don’t already have a helmet, be sure to pick one out that fits you properly. While I was in the shop, a customer came in with a cracked helmet. That thing saved his life, literally! The helmet should cover your forehead just above the eyebrows with no more than 2-3 fingers width between the neck strap and your chin.
  • Padded shorts. If you’re a horseback rider, think of cycling long distance without padding like riding bareback on a horse… it’ll hurt your bum! There are a variety of padded shorts to choose from, all depending on your style. If you’re looking for the hardcore biker look, there are spandex shorts and bibs that will keep the padding in place. But, if you’re planning on commuting from home to meetings or the grocery store and don’t want to look like a total nerd, they also make padded board shorts. The padding is an insert (similar to padded boxer briefs), so you can still look good if you don’t have time to change right away.
  • Race jerseys. Race jerseys are great for commuting. Even if you aren’t a racer, the material is quick drying with pockets in the back to store your water bottle, phone, nutrition bars, etc.  I’ll be sporting a Harpeth Bicycles Race Team jersey!

For anyone interested in participating in the Commit to Commute Challenge, keep an eye on the Team Green Adventures calendar for an information session at the Harpeth Bikes shop and some commuter safety workshops in the coming weeks!

-Keeley Reed, Team Green Director


Commit to Commute Update #1

Team Green Adventures and Harpeth Bicycles challenge you to get out of your vehicle and onto your bike for this month long Commit to Commute challenge. Leading up to May 15th, visit Harpeth Bicycles (330 Mayfield Dr, Franklin, TN) to get your bike tuned up, or scope out a new ride for the challenge. Team Green members receive 10% off any non-sales merchandise in the shop!

On May 15th, get on your bike and start Logging Your Miles (link coming). We challenge you to ride your bike to work, to the park, on the Natchez Trace, to the grocery store, around the neighborhood, or anywhere else you think fit. See the difference it makes in your carbon footprint, your health, and your wallet! With gas prices ranging from $3.75 to $4 a gallon, save some cash and get fit!

Log your miles, and on June 25th come out to Yazoo Brewery for our Commit to Commute celebration. All cyclists are eligible to win great prizes for participating!

I’ll be taking the challenge too, which is going to be very difficult since I don’t have a bike! I used to ride my bike to work back in 2008, but it was so difficult I gave up. Eventually, I found out my bike was working against me! I had been trying to use a mountain bike (that didn’t fit me) on the roads, which slowed me down tremendously. I always wondered why my roommates were so much faster than me! So, to get back on the bike I have a few steps to take:

  1. Get a bike! I’ll stop by Harpeth Bicycles and get set up with a bike that fits me and serves my needs. I’ll probably be doing some grocery shopping via bicycle, so I’ll need a bike with some storage. A basket will be a nice touch… maybe some streamers for giggles :-)
  2. Borrow a bike rack from a friend or family member. On the days I can’t ride the bike to work, I can still bring it with me and ride to lunch or to nearby meetings.
  3. Have fun. I’ll set up some afterwork or weekend bike rides on the Team Green calendar. The greenways are always a fun beginner friendly option for folks who aren’t yet comfortable riding on the roads.
  4. Dress to impress. I should probably invest in some cycling clothing… like padded shorts! Maybe Harpeth Bikes will also hook me up with a team jersey. That would be sweet!

Once I pick out my bike, I’ll update this blog again with photos. I’m excited!

-Keeley Reed, Team Green Director


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