Adam Burrows – Just Another Adam

Nashville-based singer/songwriter Adam Burrows was born and raised in Northeastern Ohio. His songs reflect his small town upbringing and draw the listener in by celebrating life’s everyday moments and embracing those that are fleeting. His lyrics capture the beauty of easy conversation, and his characters remain with you like old friends. Adam’s stories touch his listener simply but deeply, evoking emotions and images of less complicated times. His recollections of hope and heartache are framed by percussive finger-picking and catchy melodies, melodies you will find yourself humming for days.

Adam’s enthusiasm and endearing smile are a given at every show whether he is playing solo or with other artists. Recently Adam began performing as a duo with talented musician Josh Preston. Preston sings harmonies and plays guitar, glockenspiel, melodica, and other various instruments.

“I think Adam Burrows is one of the best lyricists in this town, which is saying a lot in Music City, USA. At this point I have lost count of the number of times I have featured him on my radio show and I’m itching to spin more of his records. He has played our showcases and left audience members and fellow musicians alike in awe. This guy is the real deal…” – Wells Adams

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  1. Steve Bass says:

    Friends and I saw Adam at the Broken Spoke several years ago. The unique style of his songs drew me in right away. I told one of the friends that this guy is really good. Later that evening before dropping my friend off at his house he bought me Adams CD. I have enjoyed it since. One thing to add…his cajon player was awesome, bought one for my wife because she liked the sound and I ended up playing it all the time. I think Adams creativity has started a new but old trend that is refreshing.He is the real deal!