Artists of the week: Eastern Block

Lightning 100 has been a fan of Eastern Block ever since they won our Music City Mayhem contest in 2011 then later went on to perform at Live On The Green.  Tune in to 100.1 FM to hear “Protecting God” by Eastern Block.  Click here to check out Eastern Block’s kickstarter campaign to help the band raise money for their upcoming LP.

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  1. Man these guys are persistent. The first time I heard their music I was all like “Gross no way!” but now it’s really growin on me. I don’t wanna hype them up too much but in my opinion (which is a fact) they are the greatest Illuminati based band since those Boston tea party fellas. I remember when I first met them..
    It was the winter of 2007 (flashback ripple)
    I was living under a bridge near the Hustler store having lost it all in a game of Clue to the death, (that’s right I’m a ghost), and those fine men were doing some under the bridge charity work for homeless ghost gamblers. They fed me 3 square meals a day for about 4 weeks and got me a job posting flyers around town for their Saturday night fight club. Long story short I moved into their lower Broadway commune loft and I’ve been the live-in omelet chef there ever since. They’re just great guys.. except when you walk onto their stage at a show at 12th and Porter.. if you do that you get punched in the mouth.

    Cactus Jenkins
    ‘occasional ghost writer’