Black Sea Royalty – War Cry

SONY DSCBlack Sea Royalty
has been rolling with the rock vibe, but they’re introducing more ambience and layers in their upcoming album expected early next year. For now, they have their studio faces on as they’re jumping into sessions to pull out a new single Blood Brother by the end of the week. Shadowing the transition from youthful innocence to growing up and accepting new realities, the single will highlight the dynamics and importance of having a brotherhood to surround you as you enter new phases of life and learn that growing up is never what it seemed, but has something exciting and unique to offer if you’re willing to join in.

Jon Marc first met (now ex-bandmate) Sammy Mitchell at Belmont in 2011, connecting through a mutual love for the guitar. When Jon Marc pulled a no-show to class one day as did fellow student Jordan, they were automatically grouped together on a class project. After jamming together shortly thereafter, Jordan joined in forming the band and brought in his roommate at the time Matt. Since the start of the band in 2012, Black Sea Royalty has produced their first single Irene and  a self-titled, debut EP.

Dan Fernandez, studio musician and good friend, has taken on the role of producer for the band’s recent projects in his private Nashville studio. Dan’s pay-it-forward investment and strong belief in the band’s potential could mean the difference for their recording process as they focus on writing, composing and preparing for future touring. And although Nashville holds a unique place in their hearts as the band’s birthplace, excitement is building about the upcoming tour after the early 2014 release of the new album.

“The intense energy at our shows is a standard we strive for. We have never set out to write rock and roll, we just do what we love as best we can and this is what it has turned out to be… We feel like our music translates from energetic stage energy to powerful and dynamic recordings.” (Jon Marc)

Working odd jobs in between to support their passions, band and room mates Jon Marc Winchester (lead vocals, guitar), Jordan Williamson (drums), and Matt Green (bass, vocals) have become more entrenched in the last two years with writing, producing, marketing and booking gigs while expanding their fan base. As their experience and music grows, the band expects to move forward independently. Jon Marc said they plan on incorporating promotional help for the new album and already have others booking upcoming tour dates and venues because trying to run all aspects of the band weighed heavy on their creative expressions at times. However, as far as expounding on the band’s discography and gearing up for travel, they feel more than capable of holding it all down.




By Kaitlyn Crocker,

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  1. Gruber Smith says:

    Keep rocking BSR. Big things to come after seeing a couple of your shows… Hard work and good tunes!!