Fabrizio and the Fever – Lately I’ve Been Waiting

69261_489943867728640_1506769855_nFnF is FUN. highly energetic, infinitely passionate and making a serious impact on the Nashville indie rock scene. With an electric grouping of songs written by singer/songwriter Michael Fabrizio FnF leaves a mark on all of their audiences. More than music, FnF is striving to promote peace and unity in a movement and it’s catching on.

With Nathanial Lee on standup bass and Steve Wolfe on drums/percussion, the groove of FnF is strong and full of force. Alex Conerly and Brian Wooden add to the mix with wicked guitar melodies. Fabrizio provides a solid musical contribution with vocals acoustic guitar, piano and harmonica.

“We come from a good place, we want to see the good in people and promote the idea of understanding, Musically, we really love what we do, you can see that passion in our performances” -Fabrizio


3 Responses to “Fabrizio and the Fever – Lately I’ve Been Waiting”

  1. Mandy Sheriff says:

    Love the sound of this band. Great lyrics

  2. Vicki Jacobs says:

    Michael Fabrizio is gifted in so many areas of music….he writes with such passion….I have listened to Michael over a period of a few years and he is well on his way…………..

  3. Kathy says:

    Thank you for choosing Fabrizio and the Fever band of the week. Lightning 100 has new fans and listeners in Massachusetts !