Gavin Shea – Brains

1757664669-1Hailing from the state of Florida, Gavin Shea has brought his eclectic sounds to the mecca of music today.

Since his arrival in Nashville, he’s been turning heads with performances of his “Alive and Well” EP, a collection of pieces that combine a mathematical intelligence with the intuition of a forward thinking artist. True to form, Shea’s band features skilled studio musicians from a variety of locations and backgrounds. Together, they possess a remarkable ability to extract beats and formulate original compositions, while remaining consistent in the story-telling experience of Shea’s newly-released EP.

Stay tuned for what they’re bringing, it won’t disappoint.


2 Responses to “Gavin Shea – Brains”

  1. David Bell says:

    Gavin Shea for the win!

  2. David Bell says:

    Gavin shea ftw