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 From LAX to BNA, Mitch Allan and Steven McMorran crossed the vast chasm of writing for big artists and producing songs such as David Archuleta, Celine Dion, Pink, Faith Hill, Bowling For Soup song “1985,” and much more,  to finally honing in on their own talents. With the spotlight shifting into their own sphere, and joined by music biz veterans Josh Dunahoo and Erik Kertes, something big was bound to change.

“It’s been the catalyst of who I’m becoming.  The difference has motivated me to find out what it would sound like to be the one without rules.  There’s a lot of time that went by with me just waiting on something to change.  This feels a lot more proactive,” Steven revealed.

Satellite was a work in the making for some time, and as Steven, Mitch, Josh and Erik transitioned their focuses onto the band, it became more apparent that, while their careers had left definite marks on their own sound and how they fit into the music arena, those experiences only enriched what they were welding into one work of art.

“Making the record was all we did in the beginning, and shows were a slow-cooked-development. Working with artists allowed me to bank off of their individual approaches.  The people that impress me the most are the people who stopped caring whether the audience approved.” – Steven

Listening to Satellite’s self-produced single Say the Words from their Ring the Bells EP went something like this for me:

Lost for four minutes and twenty seconds, I felt like I had rested my head in the lap of a great protector who, while brushing his mighty fingers through my hair, reminded me that it’s okay to feel fear and frustration, encouraged anger towards all of the things that try to keep me hung up in life, and rallied me to shout out with bravery all of the things I’d held inside.

They’ve woven their extensive histories with working in the music industry into their own raw talent for songwriting and performing, leaving audiences with something tangibly powerful to dance to, cry to, laugh to, and live by. They’ve drafted the best fighting words they could find, and have enlisted them to march into battle on your behalf, shining with bravery for those of us who sometimes can’t find the words on our own. Steven has found the words for us.

“I definitely feel more like myself in Nashville over Los Angeles.  I lived there for 8 years after moving from Little Rock, where I’m from, and they were a formative chapter in my life.  You’d have to drag me back if you expected me to move there again.  Feeling this good makes me stop worrying about what I used to, so I could say that I feel more successful here.” – Steven

Look forward to more from the band as they grow, more shows and “a lot more songs of course.”

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