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The Joy of PaintingAt a tender age, this rag tag band of brothers with a joy for painting melodies has gained a lot of momentum in just a couple of years. Garreth Spinn, the band’s foreman, was bravely drinking hot coffee on an already too-warm afternoon in east Nashville. And after getting lost on a run through Shelby Bottoms Park, where 3 miles turned into 8 1/2, I made my way hesitantly to the coffee shop carrying the weight of a 45 minutes late tardy pass. And still he genuinely thanked me for meeting up with him.
Only a little over a year after moving their newly formed band from Murfreesboro to Nashville, the JOP band has released ears-ful of material. Two albums, multiple singles and an EP have brought Garreth Spinn, Mark Bullock, Chris Hauser, Kyle McCormick and Josh Nelson into a new realm of music making where their sound is always fresh and hot out their in-house studio.
“It seems longer because we’ve put out a lot of things… I’ve always hated when bands take too long to release not a lot of music…”
Their love for vinyl is inspiring and should alert any music lover with aesthetic values that they have high standards for everything they release. It is a great joy to watch them fawn over the music itself as well as the process. Recorded, mixed and released from Bullock’s home in Nashville, all of their releases encompass something unique in their sound due to this raw but brilliant individual style of each track. Spinn and the boys are, naturally, picky in their choices of vinyl. For a wider dynamic range and better sound quality, only 12″ vinyl at 45rpm will do for them. This heavier vinyl with wider grooves gives them some extra room for packing in the love they have for the songs and their audiences.

They are signed to a small vinyl label, hopeful that people will hang on to these treasures more than the DIY coasters of the cd age.

Their humble beginnings in Murfreesboro are looked on fondly rather than wastefully by the band as all of them are grateful for the chance to “cut our teeth” before hitting Nashville with all they have.

“It happened really quickly… start of the band, 6mos in and talking to a producer and made the first record and got signed. It was a quick progression… but it wasn’t fast enough for me. Never is.” – Spinn

They are possibly more grateful still for their growing career in Nashville. Music City has taken kindly to the boys and holds much promise for them – a guarantee of success (measured by their ability to reach fans and non-alike through their tunes) because they refuse to take anything less.

“We took every show for a while… now we don’t take very show. We just had to become choosier and pick the right shows. Now we fight for the best set time, date and always take into account who’s playing and where.”
Their most recent spin in NATIVE magazine, a two page visual spread of the guys being doused in cereal and milk, left Spinn having to explain to me this seemingly absurd but true love for cereal. Tricks are for kids? Think again.
“I mean, you can talk to anyone about cereal for as long as you want.” His personal favorite? Waffle Crisp – which can be found at your nearest Piggly Wiggly.
“Right now has been the most fun… everyone is bringing so many different things to the table. Everyone is as valuable as the next person.”
They played at Grimey’s record shop on June 8th – something that was “a dream come true” for Spinn. Recalling the first time he walked into the record store and seeing this great band [Dr. Dog] just finishing up their show, he hit sensory overload between the live sounds, the records, and the musical carnival all overwhelming his attentions.
Spinn is determined to say the least, and this radiated through his final words of his vision for himself and the band:
“If you want to be good at your job, the sky’s the limit, not monetary success. It’s doing the things you grew up watching and dreaming of, and for me, creating for others a sense of what I felt when I was in the audience. I don’t want there to be a cap on that. “
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