NSN 8/29/10 Big Head Todd

How about that show?  I hope you got in because it was sold-out way in advance.  We’ve been loving this group for 17 years now!  Big Head Todd & The Monsters returned with a fantastic hour on the air, plus they played a whole lot more after our broadcast for the live audience only.  They kicked the live broadcast off with the title song from their new album Rocksteady and then it went like this:  Broken Hearted Savior, Muhammad Ali, Helpless, Monument Green, Secret Mission, Beautiful, Happiness Is, Fake Diamond Kind, Conquistador, Boom Boom, Smokestack Lightning, Beast Of Burden, and the big finale:  Bittersweet!  What did you like best?  Do you think Todd and the boys are just as good as ever?  Chime in with your comments!  And how about the big sound of just two guys in that opening set by The Cold Stares?


2 Responses to “NSN 8/29/10 Big Head Todd”

  1. peteharris says:

    This was the best show I have seen all year. 3rd time seeing BHT, and they maybe one of the most under-rated live bands of all time.
    And I wasn’t prepared at all for The Cold Stares. Incredibly unique and powerful. My new fav local band.

  2. rachelbug2010 says:

    The Cold Stares rocked the house! They are amazing! Good Luck to them!
    BHTM were AWESOME!!!! They did a great show! My favorite song was Happiness Is for on the air, and It’s Alright was my favorite for the after on air show! Great job all! Good memories! :)