NSN – Pat McLaughlin (audio)

On 7/24/11, Pat McLaughlin headlined our first Nashville Sunday Night broadcast in the newly expanded 3rd & Lindsley (which looks and sounds spectacular!)  When they were setting up on the new bigger and better stage, I spotted Kenny Greenberg getting ready on guitar, Michael Rhodes on bass and Greg Morrow on drums.  I said to Pat, “I see you brought the A-team to play with you tonight.”  Pat joked “My regular band wasn’t available, so I had to settle for these guys.”  Ha!  We all know you can’t get any better than them!  This show from Pat was a long overdue return to Nashville Sunday Night by one of Nashville’s finest artists.  I was hoping he’d have “Little Grass Shack” in the setlist, and he didn’t disappoint me.  Listen to the SoundCloud clip of this latest live performance of the song from his 2003 album Next Five Miles.


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