NSN sneak preview – Jen Foster: 2 new songs + old favorite

The problem Jen Foster will always have is how to top the near-perfect song she wrote and recorded in 2005, “Taking Bob Dylan.”  You can’t top perfection, just strive to equal it, and she may very well do it on her forthcoming album.  Here’s a couple of brand new, as-yet-unreleased tracks she’s sent us from the recording studio as well as an old favorite.  All these will likely be performed on our 8/7/11 Nashville Sunday Night broadcast from the newly expanded 3rd and Lindsley.  Let’s give our Nashville girl a big audience for her homecoming.


5 Responses to “NSN sneak preview – Jen Foster: 2 new songs + old favorite”

  1. derek c says:

    Jen is one of the gems of Nashville. Play her more!

  2. geridg says:

    I just heard -Used Black Cars- played as a background at 50th minute of “15 Hollywood Girls/Gorgeous” today – aired 8/12/2011 8AM.

  3. Terry Long says:

    Dave – Thanks for getting the word out about Jen’s upcoming new album. Jen has such a rich voice and songwriting skills that paint clear, intense pictures. I can’t wait to hear more of her new tracks.

  4. i think i listened to “Taking Bob Dylan” 6 times this afternoon –

    bravo !

  5. Erin Padgett says:

    Jen never ceases to amaze me with her soothing voice and beautiful lyrics.