Tom Brosseau – Full Set at Nashville Sunday Night 7/3/16


We were captivated by the incredible songs and stories of Tom Brosseau at our last Nashville Sunday Night. His delivery is extremely eclectic, drawing influence from a classic country sound that lives in the vibrato of Brosseau’s voice. A native of North Dakota, Tom’s songs draw on his rural upbringing, incorporating narratives of love, loss, humor, family, and the history of his home.

Tom’s musical expression is simply honest and delicate. His articulation is profound, each melody capturing a charming sense of lightheartedness. 3rd and Lindsley provided the perfect atmosphere for Tom, but he carries a little piece of sound equipment with him to whatever venue he plays. A gold tinted microphone that resembles technology from 1970’s folk singers, Tom is able to fully harness his dynamic voice. Listen to his live set, and it is pretty easy to visualize his performance.


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