The Heavy – What Makes a Good Man?

“What the hell were we thinking?,” exclaims Dan Taylor, guitarist for U.K. indie soul-rock titans The Heavy, of the band’s audacious new album, The Glorious Dead, which was released on Counter/Ninja Tune on August 21. “We wanted to make a bold statement – it’s not shy.” “It’s over the top, in a good way,” adds Heavy frontman Kelvin Swaby. “We went pretty cinematic, setting out to score a film that hasn’t been written.” As such, The Glorious Dead proves The Heavy’s most ambitious effort: Frankensteining swampy voodoo and b-movie zombies with garage rock and Gospel-soaked soul, it’s unlike anything you’ll hear this year.

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Taken from The Heavy’s album ‘The Glorious Dead’, released 20 August 2012 on Counter Records / Ninja Tune. Buy now at –

The Heavy Webstore: (win a FREE ‘What Makes A Good Man?’ MP3!)
iTunes: (includes track-by-track interview video)


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