Caption Contest: Cage the Elephant


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Lightning 100 is excited to bring back Live On the Green Music Festival for another season of free music in downtown Nashville.   Join us on September 4th for Cage the Elephant, Delta Spirit and JohnnySwim!  What’s better than free music downtown?  Going as a #SeriouslyGood VIP.  Leave a comment on the photo in this post and you could win 2 VIP tickets for Lightning 100′s Live On The Green.  Winner selected Thursday, September 4th at noon!  Comments must be approved by admin!  Don’t worry, we will get to them.


112 Responses to “Caption Contest: Cage the Elephant”

  1. Mark says:

    Really? Your not going to announce the winner…waiste of time

  2. Mandy Kellers says:

    I forgot my sunscreen, but luckily a little girl let me borrow her umbrella.

  3. Sara says:

    An elephant never forgets. His umbrella.

  4. micheal cope says:

    Take that umberella and stick it!! #beautiful weather!!

  5. Heather says:

    Looking for the answers in the pouring rain… You wanna find peace of mind.

  6. Robbie Anderson says:

    This hair cost me half of my salary. It must not get wet.

  7. Josh saxe says:

    “Doot doot da-doo la la la weeeee!”

  8. Tessa Schoepke says:

    Does this parasol make me look fat from behind?

  9. Katie C says:

    No umbrella needed tonight! This one’s just for show.

  10. Julie Ewell says:

    Thank God I brought my umbrella. I wouldn’t want to get my hair wet!

  11. Treny Biller says:

    Just another fella with an umbrella… Have you seen my baseball?

  12. Kelsey Sterrett says:

    Ten thousand people stand alone now
    And in the evening the sun sets
    Tomorrow it will rise

  13. Robyn says:

    They said there’d be women –I brought protection.

  14. Shane Swift says:

    Ain’t no rain for the wicked.

  15. Haley Thomason says:

    You can stand under my umbrella, Ella, Ella….phant, cage it…

  16. Matt says:

    Nothing can keep these elephants caged!!

  17. Matt says:

    Nothing can’t keep those elephants caged!!

  18. Melissa says:

    Sunburn at a music festival, ain’t nobody got time for that!! Grandmas umbrella turned Personal cabana!!

  19. Turi says:

    We’re keeping it green and dry with JohnnySwim and Delta Spirit tonight– are you?

  20. Jonathan says:

    “Mary poppins has come to town”

  21. Jonathan says:

    “They said it was going to be wet. I thought rain. Didn’t realize they meant humidity.”

  22. Drew says:

    “I just wanna be like Michael (Jackson)!”

  23. Erin Demarco says:

    Eddie Izzard once said “If you’ve never seen an elephant ski, you’ve never been on acid”. I say, if you’ve never seen Cage the Elephant swinging from a light fixture, you’ve never seen them at Cannary Ballroom.

  24. Mario Cardiel says:

    “Raindrops keep fallin’ on my head…”

  25. Robyn says:

    “It’s raining, man. Hallelujah, it’s raining, man.”

  26. Corie says:

    even on a cloudy day….

  27. Kevin Buckley says:

    You can SING.. All night…. Just to find answers in the pouring rain…

  28. Amy Shaw says:

    Festival season calls for big crowds, great music, and sun protection!

  29. Geoff says:

    Cage the ella ella ella, eh eh eh

  30. steve bowen says:

    Observe the elephant in its natural habitat. Notice how it uses its surroundings for protection from the sun.

  31. Dylan Jacoby says:

    I see a little silhouetto of a man,
    Scaramouche, Scaramouche, will you do the Fandango?
    Thunderbolt and lightning,
    Very, very frightening me.

  32. Roben Gamble says:

    Screw Mary Poppins-this is my bit now!

  33. Anna Forte says:

    In honor of Queen B’s birthday, Matthew Shultz performed a special rendition of “Drunk in Love.” If you missed the show, don’t worry – the song will be included as a bonus track on Cage the Elephant’s upcoming deluxe album, “Thank You Happy Birthday, Beyoncé.”

  34. James Thomas says:

    Alright, so THAT’S why the caged elephant sings.

  35. Jenna Luke says:

    “And. I’mmmmm siiinngggggin in the raaaaainnnn!”

  36. Tracey Higginbotham says:

    “Hey Nashville….. Are you ready for great music and beer? I’ve got you covered!”

  37. Kirk T says:

    Shade me down.

  38. Jessica Calabrigo says:

    “Cuz I’m HAPPPYYYY”

  39. austin Deese says:

    Aint no rest for the rainless water wont ruin me!

  40. Charlene Shaw says:

    Sing out for the fan who snuck in the charming contraband umbrella! Come a little closer and check out my seriouslygood galoshes.

  41. Singing until the rain washes away the haters.

  42. Hope the rain washes away the haters.

  43. Hope the rain washes away the haters.

  44. Blair Barrows says:

    Ha! And Lt. Dan said I couldn’t work this parasol into my performance. My fans are still here!

  45. Cory Benson says:

    Cage the Elephant playing a track off their soon to be released album “Ombrophobia”

  46. jUsTin says:

    I cant wait to see CAGE THE umbrellaphant with jonny(ihopeyoucan)swim and delta(wemakeitrain) spirit!

    VIP me ‘fo drizzle lightning 1hizzle!

  47. Ashley Owens says:

    I’m about to make it rain awesomeness and happiness up in here!!

  48. Cameron Cleary says:

    Matt Schultz with his umbrella, in preparation for a shower of applause.

  49. Cameron Cleary says:

    Matt Shultz with his umbrella, preparing for the shower of applause.

  50. Ashley Owens says:

    It’s about to rain awesomeness and happiness up in here!! Now let’s party!!!

  51. Tanner Roman says:

    “Me and my Umbr-Ella-Ella-Ella-phant”

  52. Drew Bragg says:

    I brought an umbrella. Good thing Johnny can swim.

  53. steve bowen says:

    Searching for a shirt in the pouring rain.


    It’s not my halo, it’s my parasol.

  54. Samantha young says:

    Rockin in the rain!

    I’ve been wanting to see cage the elephant for 8years!!!

  55. [A Live On The Green Haiku]

    Entertain the crowd
    No cage for this elephant
    It will rain applause

  56. Nathan Bird says:

    No you can’t have my umbrella!

  57. Jim Finiak says:

    I’m a boss ass bich, bich, bich.

  58. Elizabeth Anne says:

    I pray to saint Lightning 100 to award me with VIP tickets for the day of God (Cage the Elephant) . Ya feel?

  59. Amber S says:

    Elephants are scared of their shadows .. This umbrella transforms the elephants shadow to a lion .. King of the jungle … Who’s scared now ?? Let’s rock !!!

  60. Amber S says:

    “You can drive .. All night .. Looking for the answers in the POURING RAIN ” – cigarette daydreams

  61. Sydney T says:

    Cage The Elephant is literally my life. I cannot live without these guys. They’re so amazing. It would be a dream come true to win these tickets.

  62. Sydney says:

    Cage The Elephant is literally my life. I cannot live without these guys. They’re so amazing. It would be a dream come true to win these tickets

  63. Bria Lafayette says:

    It’s raining fans, hallelujah!

  64. Samantha Holly says:

    Got my back against the rain.

  65. Sarah Hunnicutt says:

    “you may take my eyes but baby I’m not blind” (Spiderhead)

  66. Jon Sanders says:

    Ain’t No Rest for the Rain

  67. Andy Molloy says:


  68. Amanda Thurman says:

    Tut tut. It looks like rain.


  70. Moments before Matt Shultz of Cage the Elephant turns into “The Hulk” and destroys an umbrella.

  71. Sarah says:

    All of this rain couldn’t keep me away

  72. Sarah says:

    Bring your umbrella.. We can play in the rain

  73. Sarah says:

    Bring you’re umbrella, we can play in the rain!

  74. Faith Lee says:

    Damn its hot in California! But at least I will stay cool with an umbrella.

  75. Andy says:

    It’s a rain’n men…

  76. Alex says:

    I’m singing in the rain!Just singin’ in the rain! What a glorious feelin’… wait… it’s not raining!

  77. Matt Eldredge says:

    Shade the elephant!

  78. “There ain’t no rest for the wicked, but there ain’t nothing more wicked than this cute-ass umbrella.

  79. Jeff Rickard says:

    “You can stand under my umbrella ella ele-phant”

  80. Tyler Loveday says:

    “Oh hey y’all, sorry about all this rain and palm trees we have here in Nashville. I’m just trying to protect this precious, naked torso.”

  81. Mel Marie says:

    nominee for als ice bucket challenge

  82. Jenn says:

    Bring on the rain…I hear Nashville can handle it.

  83. Jonathan says:

    This rain drivin me insane, glad I got all of nashville to play

  84. Jackson Grabois says:

    Singin’ in the rain.

  85. Franco Alva says:

    Ha Gayyy

  86. Christy Hager says:

    Come a little closer then you’ll see, it’s not going to rain on the Cage the Elephant show.

  87. Minta says:

    Life is about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s learning to dance with Cage The Elephant in the rain.

  88. Amy says:

    Trust me, this is cool.

  89. Andrew Clifton says:

    Until the sun comes out again for you, my umbrella is big enough for two.

  90. VIP tickets would be a great way to unwind after spending my my week at school!

  91. VIP tickets would be a great way to unwind after 11 hours at school!

  92. Mary Covey says:

    “Hanging on a sunset
    Softly trampled by the rain”

  93. Jennifer Preston says:

    It’s raining fans, hallelujah, it’s raining fans! Amen!

  94. Jennifer Preston says:

    It’s raining fan, hallelujah, it’s raining fans!

  95. Trent Miller says:

    Who says you can’t be fashionable while preventing skin cancer? After years of shirtless stage-diving and crowd-surfing during late afternoon festival gigs, Matt Shultz never takes the stage without his emergency parasol!

  96. Jonathan says:

    This rain is drivin me insane, glad I’ve got all of Nashville to play

  97. Lee Perrett says:

    Gene Kelly ain’t got nothing on Cage The Elephant!

  98. Jessica Watson says:

    “Blinded by your sunshine”, though my tiny green umbrella will help me hide!

  99. JoLynn Graf says:

    To crowd surf with or without my umbrella is the question

  100. Carly Marcum says:

    Yea it might be raining but there ain’t no rest for the wicked!

  101. Roben Gamble says:

    “…What a glooooorious feeeeeling, I’m haaappy again!”.

  102. Kaitlyn Fredrick says:

    Heartbreaks, the heavy world’s upon your shoulders
    Will we burn or we just smolder (actually, I mean, I won’t do either since I have this nifty umbrella…)

  103. Rachel Thomas says:

    If you could find a reason, a reason to say
    Standing in the pouring rain-cigarette daydreams

  104. Drew Bragg says:

    I brought this umbrella just in case, but good thing Johnny can swim.

  105. Casey Bartelt says:

    If you ask Cage the Elephant they will tell you I need those tickets so all the band family can rock out together!

  106. Krista says:


  107. Samantha says:

    Shake me down… I’m a little wet from all this rain.

  108. Cali walker says:

    I can’t afford tickets to anything, but I love music and shows and I’ll totes make brownies for whoever chooses me, if they choose me! <3

  109. Pam Villalvazo says:

    I just moved to Nashville and winning VIP tickets would be a great house warming gift.

  110. Jack Rice says:

    Looking for fun before the pouring rain.

  111. Cole Harris says:

    Don’t rain on my parade!

  112. Crisman Boggan says:

    Proven Rain Prevention Strategy!

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