Caption Contest: Jake Bugg

Leave a caption!

Leave a caption!

It’s your last chance to win VIP tickets to Live On the Green!  Lightning 100 is bringing our fans a pack full day of music this Saturday featuring Jake Bugg, Ingrid Michaelson, The Lone Below, LP, Sugar and the Hi-Lows and Lightning 100’s Music City Mayhem Champ, Phin!  Leave a comment on the photo in this post and you could win 2 VIP tickets for Lightning 100′s Live On The Green.  Winner selected on Saturday, September 6th at noon!  Comments must be approved by admin!  Don’t worry, we will get to them.


58 Responses to “Caption Contest: Jake Bugg”

  1. Emma Colston says:

    Take your shoes off and stay for a while!

  2. Meredith Henry says:

    I’ve got your nose.

  3. Jenna Lamm says:

    “Here’s the best part, Jake- they won’t catch me and you.”

  4. Jackson Grabois says:

    Live On The Green…

    …because even Santa Claus needs a day off.

  5. Kristin Costanzo says:

    two months ago…

    i don’t know what they told you in england, jakeyboy, but this “christmas in july” notion is some tennessee bs. tell you what, though, since you’ve been a good lad all year long, i’ll let ya play the last day of live on the green 2014.

  6. Rachel C says:

    It’s good to be independent man!

  7. Jackson Grabois says:

    Live On The Green…

    …because even Santa Claus needs a day off.

  8. Augusta Bowhay says:

    “Now Jake, the only lightning we got around here in Lightning 100″

  9. Augusta Bowhay says:

    Here at Live on the Green, we don’t even need shoes.

  10. Laura says:

    Sonny boy, you should change your name. Most ladies don’t like bugs.

  11. allen says:

    My mother never saw the irony in calling me a son-of-a-bitch….

  12. hope says:

    so you smoke to remember and drink to forget huh? Well I drink to remember and smoke to forget, so let’s go get live on the green.

  13. hope says:

    So you drink to remember and smoke to forget? Well I smoke to remember and drink to forget, so let’s go get live on the green kid.

  14. Emily Strong says:

    When I was your age we didn’t have toilet paper!

  15. Emily says:

    When I was your age- we didn’t have toilet paper.

  16. Stephanie B says:

    Jake the Lightning Bugg!

  17. Two fingers Jake, not one ;)))

  18. Sandra vantrease says:

    Hey two fingers….not one!!!

  19. Jimmy Duke says:

    I was the first one on and the last one off Willie Nelson’s bus that night, haven’t wore shoes since!

  20. Tracy Priddy says:

    Rain, LIGHTENING BOLTS, or shine….I’m gonna be at your show…and I’m bringin’ my peeps!

  21. Jessie Elliott says:

    I was down in the kitchen drinking white lightning. Me and your momma were fussing and fighting. No matter what she tells you it wasn’t my fault!

  22. joel says:

    Son, little piece of advice, never bet your shoes in a poker game.

  23. Charlene Shaw says:

    Listen, sonny boy. This I know. All those 8-track tapes of mine are the best music around, and the south will rise again!

  24. julie says:

    patience young grasshopper. you know you are bugg – same as grasshopper.

  25. Rachel Welch says:

    I left my shoes in San Francisco

  26. Gregg Elliott says:

    So that guys asked to walk a mile in my shoes…..and dangit now he’s a mile away, and he’s got my shoes!

  27. Lori Wells says:

    It was on a night just like tonight….

  28. tony says:

    “and thats when i said…i will never shave again as long as they keep doin’ Live On the Green!”

  29. Joel says:

    “Prostrate checkups are VERY important…..”

  30. Drew Bragg says:

    “You are the only bugg not in this beard.”

  31. Justin SANE says:

    “now Jake, make sure you bring your passport on Saturday and if anybody gives you the slightest bit trouble through the BNA customs check- just tell them your with me…actually wait…on second thought…bad idea…don’t do that at all…”

  32. Roben Gamble says:

    Listen here,youngster- I know you think you’re all grown up, big fancy man, with your top-selling record and sold-out shows, and shoes and such, but here in Tennessee you ain’t gettin’ served a beer.

  33. Austin Primm says:

    “Hahaha! Pointing my finger, crossing my legs; I have this pose in the bag Jake!”

  34. “See this beard? All the Lightning Buggs love it.” ;D

  35. Haley Smith says:

    “And that was the last time I sprayed my beard with radioactive hairspray to catch Lightning Buggs!”

  36. Katy Garcia says:

    “Sonny, there’s only one Jake Bugg, and that’s all you need to know.”

  37. Katy Garcia says:

    So I said to the guy, “You can take my job, my home, and my shoes… but you will never take my love for Lightning 100!”

  38. Katy Garcia says:

    “One day I had shoes… then I met her, and she took everything.”

  39. Jessica Calabrigo says:

    “No no, last name is Bugg, not Bieber”

  40. David says:

    No, I’m serious. I tell you no lie Jake. It was on this finger…and I can’t even describe the experience!

  41. “Drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, lad”

  42. Katie McConnell says:

    “Drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, lad.”

  43. Ramon Mendez says:

    “…then I said to the guy, ‘That’s not a Raytheon tube, that’s my wife!'”

  44. Tracey Higginbotham says:

    “Look Jake. … I’ve got problems too… but a bitch ain’t one.”

  45. Tracey Higginbotham says:

    “Look here Jake. …I’ve got problems too…. but a bitch ain’t one.”

  46. james says:

    listen little man, I would squish u like a bugg……

  47. Krisha says:

    “This whole Finding Big Foot thing has gotten a little out of control”

  48. Evelyn Maxey Gomez says:

    “The universe is big. It’s vast and complicated and ridiculous. And sometimes, very rarely, impossible things just happen and we call them miracles.

  49. Whitney Parker says:

    “I’ll tell you the most important lesson I’ve learned, never let anyone tell you who should be.”

  50. Mackey Bentley says:

    I’ve “seen it all” jake and you know it doesn’t get as “simple as this”

  51. Liz says:

    “The dude abides.”

  52. Liz says:

    “The dude abides…”

  53. Dave Herring says:

    “Alright, all jokes aside. I’ll tell you how to make a hit record. Just pull this finger…”

  54. Mark Lamm says:

    Never. I repeat, never. Jump in the path of a lightning bolt, Jake.

  55. Dawn Poff says:

    Ya know mate,I saw a green man once too!!

  56. Bobby Brock says:

    Experience changes a man

  57. Dave Bartels says:

    “For the last time … I’m not Popcorn Sutton”

  58. Dave bartels says:

    “For the last time … I’m not Popcorn Sutton”

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