City and Colour Caption Contest

city-and-color-pucks_zoomCity and Colour’s acoustic, folksy sound will reverberate in the halls of the Ryman September 29. City and Colour, the recording guise of Canadian singer-songwriter Dallas Green, has released three albums and opened for acts such as P!nk. Inspiration for the City and Colour alias came from Green’s own name: his first name – Dallas – is a city, while his last name – Green – is a color. Green has been awarded three Juno Awards in his native Canada. Singles include “Comin’ Home” and “Fragile Bird.”

The tour is in celebration of City and Colour’s highly anticipated new album, The Hurry and The Harm, out June 4 on Dine Alone Records. As a special thank you to the band’s loyal live following, all tickets come with a digital download of the new album, The Hurry and The Harm. upon release date. Ticket purchasers will also receive an immediate digital download of the unreleased, exclusive track “Northern Wind (Live from Molson Canadian Amphitheatre – Sept 2012).”

Leave a comment on the photo and you could win a pair of tickets to the show!


49 Responses to “City and Colour Caption Contest”

  1. mikie says:

    “I will not call this road home, though it is all I know.”

  2. mikie says:

    “I will not call this road home though it’s all I know.”

  3. mikie says:

    “I will not call this road home, though it’s all I know.”

  4. randy says:

    Follow up to “City and Colour”‘s single “Fragile Bird”: “The Canuck Puck Duck”

  5. Klara says:

    I would love to have the chance to see City and Colour live. Their music is beautiful, and so real. As always with Dallas Green<3

  6. Rachel says:

    Good music can get you through hard times and happy times. City and colour has been there for both. Seeing this live would be amazing!!!!

  7. Marie says:

    “City and Colour…we’re puckin awesome!”

  8. Robin says:

    Where’s the picture featuring the Flying Monkey’s City and Colour beer!? ‘Imperial Maple Wheat’, it says. And it looks like a hefty-sized bottle. Forget the pucks, I’m excited about this musically-branded beer! Let’s get to it.

  9. Alexis McLean says:

    “ITS NOT WORTH WINNING IF YOU CAN’T WIN BIG!” -Coach Reilly from THE MIGHTY DUCKS! :p tryin to win these tix, yo.

  10. Amanda says:

    They’re off chasing their own dreams, and sailing around the world.. while I’m desperately hoping for these tickets, the finger-crossing, hopeful girl. (To the tune of ‘The Girl’)


  11. Jess Cohen says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m sure these pucks are Harder Than Stone.

  12. Caleigh says:

    Well puck me sideways, City and Colour is bringing that Canadian cool down for a show in Smashville! #GoHockey

  13. Caleigh says:

    Well puck me sideways, City and Colour is bringing that Canadian chill all the way down to Smashville! #GoPreds #Hockey

  14. Kylie Thompson says:

    Music is a world within its self, so carry on with the rhythm.

  15. Josh says:

    Puck me! I’m looking forward to this gongshow!

  16. Kate says:

    If I were a puck and you were the ice, you’d let me win these tickets because you’re so nice!

    please please please.

  17. Kate says:

    if i were a puck and you were the ice, I’d take you to see city and colour because i’m that nice!

    I want these tickets!

  18. Matt says:

    Yes! Can’t wait to see Dallas!

  19. Ryan says:


  20. Sara says:

    Glad C+C Music Factory’s fame died down so we could get these jerseys at consignment for cheap!

  21. Molly Thomas says:

    Well I live in North Caroling
    I’ve from the streets in Nashville
    I’ve driven down I-65, hell I’ve seen America’s best
    I’ve been through the Blue Ridge Mountains, I’ve missed my home state
    I’ve driven down the highway 26 just hopin’ that I’d see City and Colour soon

  22. Victoria says:

    I have been a fan of Dallas Green ever since I can remember and I would be too excited if I were able to see him live :)

  23. Paula says:

    I puckin’ LOVE City and Colour! (Corny pun intended.) Being of British descent, I can fully appreciate the proper spelling of the word colour. :) Please let me win!!!

  24. Jasmin says:

    For pucks sake! Please let me win these tickets :)

  25. Lexi N. says:

    No pucking way. The sticks are out, the ice is cold, the anticipation in my blood to see my favorite band is hot. City and Colour for the win!

  26. John says:

    A Canadian named Dallas that opened for Pink? What’s up with that, eh?

  27. Megan Loveless says:

    I love City and Colour so much! Their music inspires me so much and it would be an amazing oppurtunity to see them in concert!

  28. Tabitha says:

    So like…..RAINBOWS AND JUNK!!!!! c:

  29. holly says:


  30. Russell says:

    And the winner for least intimidating hockey team name is…

    They obviously play “The Girl” as the team first skates out on the ice to be introduced!

  31. Melissa Chont says:

    Honeybees and Gypsies. That’s what the band would be called if it was based on the meaning of MY first and last name. Which wouldn’t make sense ’cause I’m not in the band…but it does have a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

  32. Sterling says:

    If you HURRY and choose me as the winner, there will be no HARM, eh.

    Puck n’ A… I tried.

  33. I’d love to go see City & Colour. I know they’re going to put on a killer show.

  34. Kay says:

    Puck yeah! I want to go to this show!!

  35. Kay says:

    Puck Yeah, I want to go this show!!!

  36. Tommy says:

    Shea Weber.

  37. Sara Caldwell says:

    Pick me! Pick me! Please please please please. Make my dreams come true ;(

  38. Taylor Anderson says:


  39. Jon says:

    Dallas Green! Cool as ice, Eh? I’d love to see him in concert! Go Senators since the Preds are out of the playoffs!!

  40. Brian says:

    Not unlike Vanilla Ice’s feature film debut, these pucks are ‘Cool as Ice.’

  41. Joseph says:

    Puck you, puck you, puck you, you’re cool, and puck you! I’m out!

  42. Bryan Bull says:

    Buffalo Sabres > Toronto Maple Leafs

  43. Amanda Thornton says:

    I know what lovely album I am asking for for my 21st birthday this summer! This would be an awesome show. Thanks for the opportunity Lightning 100! The radio station in my car never changes off of you guys! ;)

  44. Davin Scott Keeley says:

    I just moved to Nashville 5 days ago, found your radio station, heard Dallas Green is coming, and I haven’t stopped listening to Lightning 100.1… I just got here and i feel like no one gives a “puck” about me, can you at least give a “puck”? :)p.s. I’ll sing “Hello, I’m in Delaware” for you -Davin

  45. Sarah says:

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE City and Colour and have been waiting for them to come to Nashville. Even considered going to NC to see him open for PINK but was not able to make such a long trip. PLEASE PICK ME!!! I have to go see him, I too discovered them on Pandora and have not stopped listening to the music. I have shared it with everyone I know to listen to the music. !!!!!!

  46. Puck me!! I wanna go. Discovered him on Pandora & haven’t been disappointed yet.

  47. Dillon Gonzales says:

    I don’t care how good his music is, I will never give up my allegiance to the Mighty Ducks and Emilio!

  48. Tilly says:

    My two girls and I are beyond excited about seeing Dallas! So happy he is coming to the Ryman! We won’t have to travel this time to see him play and seeing him at the greatest venue in Tennessee!

  49. Tracy Wyatt says:

    What the puck, I’ll try to win these. Should I wear my Preds jersey? Will Gnash be there for photos? Do they play with pucks instead of picks? I could go on, but …