Commit to Commute Update #1

Team Green Adventures and Harpeth Bicycles challenge you to get out of your vehicle and onto your bike for this month long Commit to Commute challenge. Leading up to May 15th, visit Harpeth Bicycles (330 Mayfield Dr, Franklin, TN) to get your bike tuned up, or scope out a new ride for the challenge. Team Green members receive 10% off any non-sales merchandise in the shop!

On May 15th, get on your bike and start Logging Your Miles (link coming). We challenge you to ride your bike to work, to the park, on the Natchez Trace, to the grocery store, around the neighborhood, or anywhere else you think fit. See the difference it makes in your carbon footprint, your health, and your wallet! With gas prices ranging from $3.75 to $4 a gallon, save some cash and get fit!

Log your miles, and on June 25th come out to Yazoo Brewery for our Commit to Commute celebration. All cyclists are eligible to win great prizes for participating!

I’ll be taking the challenge too, which is going to be very difficult since I don’t have a bike! I used to ride my bike to work back in 2008, but it was so difficult I gave up. Eventually, I found out my bike was working against me! I had been trying to use a mountain bike (that didn’t fit me) on the roads, which slowed me down tremendously. I always wondered why my roommates were so much faster than me! So, to get back on the bike I have a few steps to take:

  1. Get a bike! I’ll stop by Harpeth Bicycles and get set up with a bike that fits me and serves my needs. I’ll probably be doing some grocery shopping via bicycle, so I’ll need a bike with some storage. A basket will be a nice touch… maybe some streamers for giggles :-)
  2. Borrow a bike rack from a friend or family member. On the days I can’t ride the bike to work, I can still bring it with me and ride to lunch or to nearby meetings.
  3. Have fun. I’ll set up some afterwork or weekend bike rides on the Team Green calendar. The greenways are always a fun beginner friendly option for folks who aren’t yet comfortable riding on the roads.
  4. Dress to impress. I should probably invest in some cycling clothing… like padded shorts! Maybe Harpeth Bikes will also hook me up with a team jersey. That would be sweet!

´╗┐Once I pick out my bike, I’ll update this blog again with photos. I’m excited!

-Keeley Reed, Team Green Director


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