Commit to Commute Update #3

Tomorrow (Wednesday) is the Commit to Commute Kick Off Info Session at Harpeth Bicycles. Hopefully lots of you can join me to learn more about the challenge and commuter gear to make our commutes more comfortable.

On a separate note, I’m really bummed to find out that there really aren’t any safe commuting routes between my house (near the Airport) and Lightning 100’s Office (near downtown Nashville). The best routes I could think of were along Nolensville Rd, Elm Hill Pike or Murfreesboro Road. When I asked a fellow cyclist friend about commuting options in that area, this is the response I got back:¬† “That area and most of Antioch is under-served for bicyclists. ¬†Murfreesboro Rd nor Nolensville (though a little better) are very good for bicycling. ‘Only the poor or the heroic will ride on those roads.’ If you’re trying to be car-free, I’d jump on the bus with my bike and finish the last part of my trip by bicycle.”

There is a bus stop off Murfreesboro Road not far from my house. A few other options I thought of include putting bike on my car with a bike rack and driving to a park & ride location then cycling from there, Driving straight to work with my bike and cycling to all of my meetings/out to lunch, or carpooling with my fiance everyday to his place of work then riding my bike to my work from there. I’m favoring the last option. This would allow me to cut out my car completely and I could split some of the gas costs with him to help save both of us some bucks. We’ll see how it goes in the coming weeks.

-Keeley Reed, Team Green Director

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  1. Keeley Reed says:

    Below are some links I have since learned about with bike lane/bike route/greenway information!

    Or, when using Google, type in your starting location, then click on “Directions” and you’ll see some symbols at the top (a car, a bus, a person, and a bike). Click on the bike and all the green lines will show you the biking areas near your starting location.