Happy Holidays from Team Green!

What a great way to celebrate the year past and welcome a fresh new year of treks! Last night Team Green Adventures hosted our Holiday Adventure Mixer at west elm in Green Hills. With excellent food from Whole Foods, cash bar provided by Yollos, and great live music performed by fellow Team Green singer/songwritters, the 10% Off anything at the store was icing on the cake (hmmm… a cake would have been nice too!) For all you Lightning 100 listeners who came out to join us in the celebration, Thank You for sharing in such a wonderful event!

For those of you who have only “heard” about Team Green Adventures, but have not yet stepped into a new adventure with us, let me share a little about us! Team Green Adventures is Lightning 100’s outdoor adventure department. We are a part of Lightning 100, created nearly 15 years ago as a way for Lightning 100 listeners to get active in the outdoors through community service.  Over the years we have grown and expanded. Now, we are all about the adventure, just as Lightning 100 is all about the music! Our mission within the radio station is simply to get people involved in a more active lifestyle… whether “more active” means “hey, I’m not sitting on the couch right now!” to “I’m going sky diving baby!” we want to help you achieve your health and community service goals.  Our activities range from social mixers to nutrition workshops to yoga in the park and indoor rock climbing to week long backpacking trips across the nation, whitewater rafting, hang gliding, and yes, even sky diving! Pick the events that put you just on the edge of your limits and cross that boundary into the unknown with us!

Right now Team Green Adventures is collecting responses for our 2010 Team Green Adventures Survey. We want to know what types of events YOU are interested in participating in (even if you don’t know anything about us). Do you want kid friendly events, do you not want kid friendly events, do you want to bring your dog, do you want beginner or extreme events, what parts of town are easiest for YOU to get to? The more responses we get, the more we can help make Team Green something that the entire community can enjoy! So… take the survey below! Survey takers could win a hot air balloon ride, a Team Green Adventures Membership package, or Nashville Sunday Night passes. It only takes about 10 minutes to complete.


See you on the trails!

Keeley Reed


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