Mumford & Sons take a break


Did you catch Mumford & Sons one of the three nights at Ryman Auditorium last year?  We’ll that might have been your last time to see the British folk rockers for a while.  Relevant Magazine had this to report today.

Reported by Relevant Magazine

“It’s a dark day for Mumford fans—a time to hang up your suspenders, pack away your kick drum and put your banjo back into storage. This weekend the group announced that they would be stepping back from touring and making music for “the foreseeable future.” Keyboard player Ben Lovett told Rolling Stone, “We just know we’re going to take a considerable amount of time off and just go back to hanging out and having no commitments or pressure or anything like that.” Though Mumford & Sons didn’t say they were permanently breaking up, we’ve probably heard the last from the Grammy-winning gentlemen of the road for a while …”


4 Responses to “Mumford & Sons take a break”

  1. Sad to hear, was hoping for some new stuff in the next year or so. Life goes on

  2. Scott Tyson says:

    this is good news, except now I’ll have to think of another band to name the most boring band EVER.

  3. Hank Mathes says:

    “Might of been?” Really?

  4. Shannon S. says:

    I think they have earned a break. Hopefully it’s not the end but they need to have a vacation too. Let them be people for a while. They have worked hard and brought a lot of entertainment to millions. Hope to see them again eventually.