Music City Mayhem 2013 playlist

Lightning 100 had over 300 submissions for Music City Mayhem this year.  It was difficult narrowig down to 32, now we need your help find 5th Music City Mayhem Champ!  Check out the top 32 this year all in one playlist.  Don’t forget to vote for your favorite artist each round on our Music City Mayhem page.


3 Responses to “Music City Mayhem 2013 playlist”

  1. Marquinto says:

    What is the “Drive” behind “My Little Life”? Its you! “Baby You’re Golden”, “Let Yourself Be Loved.” “Reality” ain’t all that bad.

  2. Marquinto says:

    Yeah, Baby Your’e Golden & Reality ain’t all that bad. How about that for a one liner?

  3. Marquinto says:

    Drive is tops.

    Also I liked Baby You’re Golden.