Lightning 100: Nashville Independent Radio

Message from Lester Turner Jr., President of Tuned In Broadcasting, Inc.

Independence Day celebrates a time when the little guys said “thanks, but we’ll do it our way” to an oppressive empire and that Independent spirit is what we honor today and why we want to take a few minutes of your time to talk about Nashville’s Independent Radio station, Lightning 100

Being Independent means we do things our way. We can play what we want, when we want. We don’t have to wait for the suits to approve the music we play…as a matter of fact I doubt anyone at Lightning (except for me) owns a suit. Bottom Line, there are no corporate playlists at Lightning 100.

We’re locally owned and operated which means you see us in the community, at shows, at restaurants, at A Thousand Faces in Hillsboro Village…wherever….When you do see us, you can tell us what you like and don’t like about Lightning 100 and we will listen.

Our pledge is to continue to build bridges between Lightning 100 and our listeners. The staff and myself are just like you…we love music and we love Nashville. We know there’s no other city like it and that Nashville is the center of the musical universe. We also know how to properly pronounce Demonbreun. We are passionate about music, it’s what we live and breathe for…just like you.

Now, over the last few months, you may have heard us say something like or “If you thought we were independent before just wait”. We know know you have waited long enough. Today begins the new era of Lightning 100 and we declare our independence. So what’s the big difference you ask? For starters you’ll hear more new music, more often, And more deep cuts from new CDs…when they’re actually new not a year after they’ve been released.

You’ll hear cooler deep cuts from classic artists, not just the stuff from their greatest hits CDs.

There will be more listener involvement…you’re gonna help program the station… We’ll have Listener Panels, Music surveys and opportunities to attend our weekly music meeting and select the songs that get played.

You’ll hear more exclusive in-studio performances and a wider, more diverse selection of music. But don’t worry, we’re not going to play rap, heavy metal, country or western.

And perhaps most importantly, we are going to immerse ourselves like never before in the local music scene and give local artists more access and more opportunity.

Lightning 100 proud to announce that starting today WRLT 100.1 FM will play one local artist EVERY HOUR…If that’s not enough, next Tuesday at 7:00 pm we’ll debut “The 615” , our new local music show hosted by Justin Hammel and Wells Adams.

AND, we’ll go a step further by picking one Nashville artist to feature as the Local Lightning Artist of the Week…we’ll spotlight that artist all week and spin their music in heavy rotation.

And this is all only the beginning…We’ve heard you Nashville and today as we begin the Independence Day holiday you get the kind of radio station you deserve. So celebrate your Independence and your freedom from corporate radio with US, because Lightning 100 is rock radio for people of culture and taste, like you.

Thanks for listening

Oh.. and.. one more thing…. “INDEPENDENCE ROCKS ON LIGHTNING 100!!”


6 Responses to “Lightning 100: Nashville Independent Radio”

  1. Stephanie Jackson says:

    Thanks for playing the Vegabonds!!

  2. Laini Cagle says:

    I am so glad you are playing The Vegabonds!! Can you please play Georgia Fire?
    Thanks :)

  3. C.WHITE says:

    Heard you play the Vegabonds, they are awesome!!!!

  4. Jason Bentley says:

    Please look into Playing some Geri X Tunes. She is a singer songwriter from florida. Has 6 or so albums and is out on the road. I just moved here to nashville in July and I Love it. Your station is by far the best in the City, keep it up.

  5. I am sorry, but so far, I just do not like the new format. Yes, it’s good to hear new music, indie stuff and local groups. However, for me, the former mix was just perfect. Lightning 100 is still the best in Nashville, but I wish I could turn back the station clock a day or so and just stay there. No looking back, I guess… But why change something that was sooo good the way it was.

  6. Deborah and Donald Ball says:

    Once again Radio Lightning 100 you have shown us that we do matter and our voice does count. Thanks for being one of the absolute best radio stations in America. Because of you music not rocks so does the listeners.

    We love you…..Rock On