Lunch Request Hour

Lt. Dan takes our listeners’ request from all around town, and plays the songs you want to hear!
Tune in from Noon to 1:00 PM for your chance to call the studio line 777-L100 or email in your request to Studio.  We also take request off our Facebook and Twitter page.  Leave a comment for Lt. Dan or send us a request on the Lunch Request Hour!  Special thanks to our lunch time sponsor Swanky’s Taco Shop.


93 Responses to “Lunch Request Hour”

  1. George wood says:

    Lt. Dan could you play Joe Jacksons ” is she really going out with him” thanks brother love the station!

  2. Bryan says:

    PLEASE play some live widespread panic! Thank you

  3. Bryan says:

    PLEASE PLEASE please play widespread panic either fishwater or gradle, please and thank you

  4. Isaac says:

    You should play The Plot to Bomb the Panhandle by A Day To Remember if you have it!

  5. Janell says:

    Daisy by Goodbye June please!I know I always ask for it but I can’t resist! :)

  6. Kristi says:

    Can you play ‘Letter’ by Mary Kate Farmer? Thank u

  7. Marque Jaggers says:

    Can you play Blake Snake by Down Home? Thanks!

  8. Amanda says:

    Can you play “Technicolour Beat” by Oh Wonder? Thanks!

  9. Sean McHugh says:

    Can you play “Better Man” by Leon Bridges?

  10. Janell says:

    Hey there!

    Just working a long day today and would LOVE it if you could play Goodbye June’s “Daisy” please! It would make this day a little brighter :)

  11. Madison Merry says:

    There’s a raindrop in my skull by Of Montreal.

  12. Elijah Dangerfield says:

    You have to play work song by hozier! It’s so good

  13. John Mann says:

    Nashville artist Devan DuBois song other lovers

  14. Nick says:

    Future Thieves – Nightmares

  15. Kevin Steverson says:

    Hey..can ya play Daniel Lee Band….their new song Head over Heels is a really good tune….come on..can ya hook a soldier up??

  16. tommy gall says:

    Sharkey graves is stupid good. You should totally play perfect parts off his new album coming out this month.

  17. Taylor says:

    I wanna hear local artist Devan DuBois’ “Long Live” off his new album “Le Fou” please?

  18. Joey Florio says:

    I heard Fear of Landing by Peter Kelly the other day on Internet radio. Thought it might have a chance to make it on 100.1! This guy is really good. Song is right on his page. Thanks!

  19. cristen says:

    In your free music bin at earth day, I grabbed a CD by grace & tony. I’d never heard of them but now have their entire
    “November” album memorized. They are truly freakin amazing! Song number 3, November, would be a great song for you to introduce the masses to! Thanks!

  20. Holly says:

    Please play ¨Only Love Can Save Us Now¨ from John Salaway’s album The Song in the Air. Or Rock n Roll Survivor.

  21. Jamie says:

    One day last week you played a song called “Chapels”, I think? I didn’t catch the artist and cannot find it anywhere. Anyway you can help?

  22. Jonathan says:

    Tim McGraw and Faith Hill tweeted about some local band named Wildflower and they have a single called “Take You Back.” Play that?

  23. Lucinda says:

    Woman like that
    By Anthony Adams

  24. Rod says:

    Please play “Daisy” by Goodbye June! Thx

  25. Joe says:

    Hey Lt. Dan. Would love to hear “Sunrise” by Ryan Bingham.
    Thanks Sir.

  26. Robert Johnston says:

    Please play anything by the “Immigrant Union” Its one of the better new bands out there…Aussies.

    You can find them on You tube…with songs like …in time and …no return.

  27. Adam says:

    “Dangerous” by Big Data, a rad alternative song I heard the other day that I just love! Oh pretty please, play it!

  28. Jenny says:

    Play Cool Kids please. Can you dedicate to the Franklin high school PLEASE??????

  29. JD says:

    LOVE that song Cool Kids! Please play it more!!!!!!!

  30. Loren says:

    I heard Elephant Revival last night at Music City Roots. They were great and I really like their newest album. The second track in particular “Remembering a Beginning” deserves air play. Can you play it today?



  31. sophie says:

    Please play Human by Daughter! :)

  32. Charles says:

    Whoah, what was that moonshine song!?? Rediculous. So cool

  33. loretta abel says:

    Thx for playing OCMS’s Wagon Wheel and then Amos Lee……it was so good for my soul :-)

  34. Kenny Nashville says:

    “Take me to the Mountain” by Great Peacock!!!!!

  35. Ben says:

    Maybe not be local or new, but Man of Steel brought back a good one from the “Singles” soundtrack: Chris Cornell’s “Seasons”

  36. Andy says:

    “june” by the gettogethers!

  37. Colby says:

    Photograph was a perfect choice!

  38. Paula says:

    I would love to hear The Gettogethers!!

  39. Sterling says:

    Falling or flying- grace potter :) boo ya



  41. Lee Hill says:

    Will you play some passengers?

  42. Bernie says:

    Can you play Talking Heads “Up All night”

  43. Steve D says:

    *hear, oh man!

  44. Steve D says:

    Thanks for the great music!, I would love to here anything by ‘Diamonds For Eyes’

  45. Jimmy Duke says:

    You’ve turned me down on Kimbra request before, but I’ll try again.Would you play Kimbra’s “Come Into My Head”?

    You’re my favorite station,keep up the good work.


    • Steve D says:

      My kids went to High School with Kimbra, my daughter remembers a teacher telling Kimbra ‘her music would never get her anywhere’…

  46. Charlie says:

    I love the “get togethers”. Please play them more!!

  47. AmyRose says:

    ooops, Dragon Park Kids….:)

  48. AmyRose says:

    Hey will you play Nashvilles own, Dragon Park Kid’ new single Rock n Rolla….holla
    Thanks guys! lets keep Nashville Weird!!

  49. C.C. says:

    Please play “We Need Surgery”!!!

  50. Marlene says:

    Can you please play more GRASS ROOT KIDS?? The office heard them a while back, but you don’t play them often. We all think they are pretty awesome. Please play as often as you can!!

  51. Alex G says:

    How about playing two weeks by grizzly bear.

  52. Dillon says:

    hi smitty, i only call you that beaucse that’s what my uncle ray noble calls you i remember when life goes on was so popular and uncle ray told us he knew you, my nephew, very young at the time didn’t believe him so uncle ray got him an autographed picture for him from you! we just talked about you on thanksgiving, i was telling uncle ray how phenomenal the event is, i told him that you play the vp and he kind of chuckled. well, being able to contact you is awesome and it would be so cool if you responded, take care!

  53. Isabella says:

    It was great to hear Joseph Wooten on your show! Please play more of his music!!

  54. Kelly Harned says:

    Badlands-Bruce Springsteen. Gets my day started right!

  55. Mark Kirstein says:

    request for Tucson Simpson: “Bottle of Pain” from “Hot Town” or “Rainshine” from “Rainshine”.

  56. Brooks says:

    Curious why y’all aren’t playing anything off the new Ben Folds Five disc—what about the 2nd track: “Michael Praytor, Five Years Later” – – thx!

  57. caite says:

    Please play Time Warp, I need some Tim Currey up in here!

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  59. Tara Gearheart says:

    Milo Greene “Cutty Love” dedicated to my boyfriend. We’ve been through a lot and moving 5 hours away from home to pursue our dreams is just one of them. :)

  60. Steffi says:

    Hey Dan,please play “Summer Angel” from Minus the Bear,for my fiance he lives in nashville and i in germany,he loves your radio station!Thanks

  61. Dean says:

    Mindy SMith Pretending The Stars from her new album!

  62. Andy says:

    Play anything from the Chris Weaver Band.

  63. Charles says:


  64. Simon Kerr says:

    Shameless self promotion…Haha. Can you play The Wans-I like to Party? We have a show this Thursday(8/30) at the HiWatt with Modoc and Kate tucker.

  65. deirdre kerr says:

    How about Like to Party or 5 Spot by The Wans

  66. Taylor Grubbs says:

    I would love to hear “Call You Up” by The Cards today in the request lunch today!

  67. Jonathan says:

    Feel So Tired – The Paranormals

  68. Emily Hicks says:

    Local bands I want to hear more of: Scale Hound: “Drop it to the side” or “Blues turn to Green”

    Local Favorite Maggie Eckford is another artist I want to hear!!!
    anything off “For what it’s Worth” esp. “Couldn’t I see”! Every song is fantastic!


  69. jeff daniels says:

    hey guys love to hear that Brother James song or another Cold Stares song.

  70. Stephanie Marlin says:

    It’s such a sunny day. I’d love to hear Paul Simon’s old song,”Sunny Day”. Thanks a bunch!

  71. Stephanie Marlin says:

    It’s such a “sunny day”–How about Paul Simon’s version of that song?Thanks!

  72. Ashley says:

    I would LOVE to hear “Lean into the Fall” by MONA. Their album comes out in stores tomorrow. Saw them at the Basement this past Friday…WOW!!! They are unbelievable. Thank you so much. You guys are great

  73. Amanda says:

    Can you please play “Little Talks” by Of Monsters and Men?? Thank You!

  74. Yanira Lugo says:

    Someday by Fuser 😉 Thank you!!!

  75. Jobo says:

    SOMEDAY by FUSER! :)! Thank you!

  76. A Stanley says:

    Someday by Fuser please!

  77. Andy Sorrells says:

    ‘” float On” modest mouse, and a pair of Roger Waters tix please :)

  78. Justin Alexander says:

    The Strokes- last night

  79. Ken Ross says:

    “Bad As You Wanna Be” by THE LAST STRAW

  80. Thanks a lot

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  81. Telisha Cobb says:

    Dan! Please play Wonderful (the way I feel) by My Morning Jacket for my birthday!!!
    Love Telisha

  82. Jerry Gomez says:

    I’m hooked on “The Ocean Song” by Trenton! Play it!

  83. How ’bout playin some new Paul Simon?

  84. Joel says:

    How about something from the new Stevie Nicks CD?

  85. Franchesa says:

    I would love to hear Landon pigg coffee shop.

  86. Ashley says:

    Can you please play Static Waves by Andrew Belle? Thanks in advance!

  87. Lily says:

    So I heard Chris Nathans Happy on my way home from work last night and need to hear again!!! Please play anything ChrisNathan thanks!

  88. Tania says:

    Please, please, please play Chris Nathan!!!

  89. Shareese says:

    Please play Chris Nathan Sugarcane song Nov 4th on my lunch break. lovin his music Thanks


  90. Scott says:

    Hey Dan, listening Nov. 2nd. You started off with Michael Franti spinning his song to tribute the Giants. Is this version available anywhere? Thanks

  91. Angie says:

    Hey Dan,
    It IS a little weird seeing you take calls on here, but it’s kinda interesting to play spy. Haha.
    Thanks for giving us hard-working, online viewers a head’s up on the U2 giveaway.
    The feed has been a little glitchy on my end, just in the last 10 mins or so. Maybe weather-related? Here’s hoping it holds out for U2 time!

  92. Ray Burns says:

    How ’bout ‘Runaway’ by The National. They opened their Ryman show with this song. Great show!!

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