Colorfeels performing “Shapes” and “Pretty Walk”

Local Nashville band, Colorfeels perform “Shapes” and “Pretty Walk” live at Lightning 100.  Click here to see our other videos with Colorfeels.

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Colorfeels – Pretty Walk

Colorfeels is a Nashville-based musical outfit blending the vocal layers of modern chamber-pop and the dynamic arrangements of rock ‘n’ roll from days-gone-by. On the heels of the release of their fresh new single, “Shapes”, and the still-recent release of their debut LP, SYZYGY, Colorfeels is poised to take on the live music and festival scene with regional and national tours, radio, and internet presence and involvement. The band plans to spend 2012 working on developing regional markets in the south-east U.S. in addition to writing and planning their sophomore album.

The initial writing for SYZYGY began in the winter of 2008 when musicians and writers Parker Cason and Justin Maurer teamed up to help push each other creatively. They soon realized that they shared a special musical connection worth pursuing. After more than a year of writing, the two were joined in a beautiful twist of fate by a long-time friend and musical collaborator of Parker’s, Taylor Zachry, who brought a new energy to the duo. Soon after, they got a short-term lease on a house in West Nashville and spent five months writing, rehearsing, and performing live. With the addition of multi-instrumentalist and texture auteur, Jared Ziemba, the sound of Colorfeels departed from its earthly origins, never to return.

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Colorfeels performing “Pushover” and “Keep Me Alive” at Hangout Music Fest

Nashville’s own Colorfeels perform a private performance at Hangout Music Fest. Check out this new unreleased song “Pushover”.
Filmed by Brian Waters and Victor Huckabee
Edited by Brian Waters

Nashville’s Colorfeels performs at Lightning 100’s Miller Made Music Showcase at 12th and Porter. Check out this in-studio performance of “Keep Me Alive.”


Hangout Music Festival 2012

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Song: Pretty Walk
Album: Syzygy
Air Date: 4/30/12
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