Jack White on American Pickers

What did Jack White trade for a taxidermy elephant head on The History Channel’s American Pickers?  We don’t want to ruin the surprise, just watch the video posted below.


Episode Spoiler Alert:  Do you see that vintage photo booth in the episode?  Jack White actually bought that from someone at Marathon Village!  One of our Lightning 100 employees helped him move it into a truck four years ago!  Do you think it’s strange that this photo booth keeps coming back to Marathon Village?!?!?!


The Lightning 100 studio is located in the historic Marathon Village.  We recently had Antique Archeology, the store front of The History Channel’s American Pickers, move into the building.  We encourage our listeners to come down to visit the studio and stop by some of our neighbors like Bang CandyMarathon FitnessCorsair Artisan DistilleryMarathon Music Worksand Antique Archeology!

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This song is too…


Cage The Elephant – Shake Me Down

Cage The Elephant – Shake Me Down (dir. Isaac Rentz) from isaacrentz on Vimeo.


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