2016 Member Card front2Lightning 100’s Team Green Adventures offers one-year memberships for individuals and couples. Members earn benefits throughout the year and also support the many free events offered by Lightning 100, like community service projects, hikes, sand volleyball, Yoga in the Park and monthly workshops!

Memberships are available for individuals ages 18 and older. The Couples membership consists of one membership account with two cards and two member gifts, but limited online benefits. We recommend buying two individual memberships for individually active couples.



Your membership is active for one-year from the day you register, and your account is active immediately after your purchase! Your member number is included in your order confirmation email, so you can log online and start registering for events and giveaways! Your membership card will arrive in the mail within 3-5 business days after purchase.

Membership benefits include:

-Member gift Pick up your member gift at our next Lightning 100 Adventure Social
-Event Discounts Members earn discounts on our bigger adventures, and can often bring along a non-member friend at the member price. Some events members can attend for free!
Giveaways Log into your member account to register for giveaways posted directly to our events calendar
Early Registration Members have access to register for our most popular events before non-members get the chance to register.
Partner Discounts Visit TeamGreenAdventures.com/discounts to learn more!



What’s the difference? Team Green Adventures encourage couples to enjoy the outdoors together. For couples who plan to always attend events together, we’ve created the “Couples Membership.” This membership options is only $10 more than the “Individual Membership,” but it has limited online benefits. Check out the differences below:


Membership Cards: The Individual Membership comes with one card while the Couples Membership comes with two cards (one for each person). Show these cards around town for discounts at retailers and outfitters, including Indoor Rock Climbing on Tuesdays every fall-spring!

T-Shirts: Each member gets a t-shirt. So, the Individual Membership gets one t-shirt, and the Couples Membership gets two t-shirts.


This is where the limited benefits come in:

Accounts: Each membership is assigned an online account and account number. The Couples Membership shares one online account and one member number.

Confirmation Emails: Because the Couple’s Membership has just one account, there is only one primary email address to send event confirmation emails to. This can get confusing when the secondary member wants to sign up for an event without the primary account holder (ie. their significant other). All emails will go to the primary account holder’s email address.

Online Giveaways: Each account can register once for the Member-only online giveaways. Because the Couples Membership is one account, the couple can only register once. Having two Individual Memberships would allow couples to register once per account and double their chances of winning!

Event Pricing: Some events are member-only or have a discounted member price. Each account can (usually) register for up to two spots per trip at the member price. A Couples Membership would only allow for the two members on the account to sign up for the event. However, a couple with two Individual Memberships would be able to bring along friends or additional family members at the member price.

If you’re a very active couple and might want to attend different events from time-to-time, or want to double your chances of winning online giveaways, you might enjoy the perks of having two Individual Memberships.



Are you an employer looking for a great gift for your staff? Do you work for a big company and know 10 or more colleagues (including spouses & partners) who would love to get active with Team Green Adventures? You can quality for a corporate partner discounted rate of $15 per person. Once your company has 10 or more Team Green Adventures members, we can create a discount code to share with your other colleagues to use online! Contact TeamGreen@Lightning100.com with subject line “Corporate Membership” to learn more!



One Year: $35 annual fee
One Year Couple: $45 annual fee (One account, 2 cards, 2 gifts)

A $2.50 processing & shipping fee is added at check out. Team Green Memberships are non-refundable.

New Members: CLICK HERE, then scroll to the bottom of the page!



One Year: $30 annual fee
One Year Couple: $40 annual fee (one account, 2 cards, 2 gifts)

A $2.50 processing & shipping fee is added at check out. Team Green Memberships are non-refundable.

The membership renewal rate is available to current members who renew before the membership expires. Once a membership has lapsed, a new membership will need to be purchased, which means a new member number will be assigned. Keep your member number by renewing early! 

Members may renew at ANY TIME during their membership, and 12 more months will simply be added to the current expiration date. If we have a special membership deal, feel free to take advantage of it, without losing months on your current membership!

Renewing Members: CLICK HERE TO RENEW