the615 1/22/13

Episode29. the615 1/22/13

Local Artist of The Week
The Young International- More of the Same-More of the Same/Vampire Single

Dj Picks
Hammel – Photo Ops – It Make Me Cry  – How To Say Goodbye
Wells – Alex Vucelich- Sunday Morning Music- Howe Gardens

Featured Guest of the Week- Alanna Royale
Alanna Royale- Animal- Bless Her Heart
Alanna Royale’s Pick
Golden Spurs- So Cold- Highway songs

This Just In
Geoff Koch- Pro War- If It Feels Good, Don’t Do it- 5spot Jan27th
Luke Dick- You Who

Bands around town
LuLu Mae-Hey Tom- Tin Roof Thursday 1/24/13 On Tap- 8pm w/ Adam Burrows & Humming House

Among Foes- Better Than Wine- Among Foes


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