1985 Retro Lightning Playlist

As I found out when we announced this particular Retro Lightning, tons of people who were around at the time still marvel at what a great year  it was for music! Prince was at the top of his game, dropping gems all over the place; American roots rock was picking up steam; the UK was sending all kinds of bright pop & psychedelia our way. We could easily expand this one way beyond four hours.





A ha  –  Take on me
Lone Justice  –  Ways to Be Wicked
Phil Bailey / Phil Collins   –  Walking on the Chinese Wall

Big Audio Dynamite  –    e=mc2
Del Fuegos    –  Don’t Run Wild
Robert Palmer  –  Addicted to Love
Eric Clapton  –  She’s Waiting

Bryan Ferry  –  Slave to Love

Golden Palominos  –  Go
The Firm  –  Radioactive
Katrina & the Waves  –  Walking on Sunshine
Howard Jones –  Things Can Only Get Better
Tom Petty  –  Don’t Come Around Here No More s

Shriekback  –  Nemesis

Hooters  –  All You Zombies
INXS  –  This Time
Paul Young  –  Everytime You Go Away
Love & Rockets  –  Haunted / When the Minutes Drag

Nick Lowe  –  I Knew the Bride
Replacements  –  Kiss Me On the Bus
Duran2  –  A View to a Kill

The Alarm  –  Strength
The Cult  –  Rain
New Order  –  Love Vigilantes


John Hiatt  –  Living a Little, Laughing a Little
Jason & the Scorchers –    Broken Whiskey Glass

Simple Minds –  Alive & Kicking
Dream Academy  –  Life in a Northern Town
General Public  –  Never You Done That
Level 42  –  Something About You

Glenn Frey  –  You Belong to the City
Flash & the Pan  –  Midnight Man

Pete Townshend  –  Face the Face
Oingo Boingo  –  Dead Man’s Party

Then / Now

Til Tuesday  –  Voices Carry
Aimee Man  –  Charmer
Bob Dylan  –  Tight Connection to the Heart
Bob Dylan  –  Duquesne Whistle

Dire Straits –   So Far Away
The Cure  –  6 Different Ways
Prince  –  Pop Life
R.E.M.  –  Driver 8
U2  –  3 Sunrises


12 Responses to “1985 Retro Lightning Playlist”

  1. @AgntSteph says:

    I so miss Retro Lightning. My Saturday’s just aren’t the same. Please come back.

  2. Joel says:

    Also looking forward to a potential return of Retro Lightning, playing the ’60s and ’70s tunes (and some ’80s tunes!) of course.

  3. Scott says:

    What happened to Fred? Why is this show in hiatus?

  4. Russ says:

    I hope you get Retro Lightning rolling again. It was the most enjoyable show in town. I was swept back to my childhood every Saturday morning. I keep checking every weekend and hope to hear you soon.

  5. Burt says:

    Can’t agree more with some of the comments. I’ve been listening to this over 13 years. Used to listen every Sat. morning in my garage while working out and now that I’m married and with kids, catch it taking my kids various places. Benefits them too as they get to hear music they’ll never hear on Nashville’s boring radio stations that rarely if ever play any “deep” cuts or rare singles (other than 100.1 of course!) Please bring it back!

  6. Mary Brace says:

    Sharon, and everyone.

    Go ahead and use this page to voice your feelings – and encourage your friends who care about the show to do the same. All I ask is that you guys try to keep it positive. I’m hopeful that upper management will make a final decision in the near future, so we can have a definitive answer for you.

    Thanks for listening, all of you.

  7. Brian says:

    I’m so sad that Retro Lightning is off the air. It’s how we’ve started our Saturday’s since we moved to Nashville in 1995. Coffee and Retro. Fred’s show was like a little time machine – there is/was nothing like it on radio. Please bring it back. Has Fred left the station? Retired? I see he’s no longer on your list of DJ’s. Come on, please consider bringing the show back. It feels like a friend has passed away.

  8. David Jackson says:

    What’s happened to Retro Lightning? It was always a favorite, everyone I talk to misses it.

  9. sharon barone says:

    Thanks to you and your station for it’s truly unique approach. This seems to be the only spot I can find any info on Retro. “Hiatus while a final decision is being made” is understandable, but please end the hiatus and bring it back. Ask your listeners. Can we take a poll or “like” you on facebook? I have listened almost every Sat. morning for 10 years and sent the link to many friends when raving about the show and how much FUN it is to step into the time machine. Here’s hoping.

  10. RSB says:

    I’ll miss Fred also, but I do enjoy your show. You can do Retro! Is it just my imagination or is Lightning beginning to go alt-country local? Seems like more and more songs being generated in a country vein. I’m all for the local artist and have been here all my life, I just depend on you guys for other stuff!

  11. Mary Brace says:

    Hey, Jack. Retro Lightning is on hiatus while a final decision is being made. Thanks for letting us know your mind.

  12. Jack Kaz says:

    Was this the last Retro Lightning? That is simply not cool. I will miss Fred and my musical Saturday mornings. Bring Retro Back!