3.10.10 – It was not your fault but mine…

Slacker… That is what I am. Whatever. It sucks b/c I have so many bands I want to put out there for people and just waste my time doing other things. Anyways, I’ve got a really good one for ya! I was roaming around on the facebook and stumbled upon a link my friend Aaron Robinson posted (also a great artist). It was this clip from a Letterman show featuring ‘Mumford & Sons’. They performed ‘Little Lion Man’. I listened once and went on with my day. Later, I found myself singing the chorus. It stuck there after only one listen. It wasn’t infectious pop rotting my brain either. It was a powerful, driving, almost Irish sounding style. I left the radio station to go spend way too much money at Grimey’s New & Pre-Loved Music… mainly to pick up the new ‘Clem Snide’ record, ‘The Meat of Life’ (also great!) Of course, there was an in-store performance which hinders your ability to rifle through many areas of the store. So I grabbed Josh and made him find the two albums for me. Again, I was there to pick up ‘Clem Snide’ but grabbed ‘Mumford & Sons’ too. I put it in and skipped to the catchy ass song I had heard on the Letterman clip and it was amazing. Then I started listening to the rest of the record. It stayed in my car CD player for 2 weeks I think. Incredible! Front to back to front and back again. I typically like a grittier, dirty type of production… just feels more real I guess, but this album was clean and gorgeous. Probably my favorite full album I have heard in a couple years. I really think this is a must have. It’s mostly chalked full of love songs, but hey… that was the mood I was in anyways. Go buy this record… I seriously do not see any age or taste not loving it.

First, I’m going to post the official video for ‘Little Lion Man’.
This next song is one of my favorites off the album in a record full of favorites called ‘White Blank Page’. Not sure what site this is from, but found it on the YouTube and think it’s a cool little performance in a book store. Cheers and enjoy.


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