3.11.10 – Been Waiting For This One…

I got really into this band ‘Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes’ last year right around the time their record ‘Up From Below’ came out. Soon enough they were playing this small little club called 3rd & Lindsley here in town and doing an in-store at Grimey’s. My friend Jess & I went to the in-store and loved it. The place was packed, but totally worth bearing the crowd! We left there and basically went straight to the venue to get a good spot. The first opener was okay… can’t even remember their name if that tells you anything. Then the second act came on. ‘Local Natives’ out of Canada. These guys blew me away. Great harmonies, every one of them sang I’m pretty sure. Little bit of gang vocals here and there. Awesome melodies. Lots of percussion. Pretty at times and rocking at others. Just phenomenal and right up my alley. The show was over and I flew to the merch table to buy some little E.P. they put together from an upcoming album and some Daytrotter sessions. Couldn’t stop listening to it… especially the songs ‘Airplanes’ & ‘Sun Hands’. A few weeks later I started digging around on the internet and found some 7″ records they put out, as well as an import of the new album from the U.K. on Rough Trade. The album is out now here in the U.S. so I picked up a vinyl copy. It’s called ‘Gorilla Manor’ and with all those purchases have basically bought it or some variation of it 4 times. That’s how much I love it. And they’re playing Bonnaroo this year!!! Can’t wait to catch them again! With that said, I’m going to post a song from ‘Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes’ first and then one from ‘Local Natives’. Here ya’ go!

This is the official video for the first song I ever heard. It was on Sirius radio one night while driving back to Nashville from Indiana and I was intrigued. Then my Aussie friend Emily wouldn’t stop praising them… and I’m glad she didn’t b/c I fell in love with them just as much as she had. Here’s ‘Home’
This video is from a wonderful station out of Seattle. When I was in that area (OMG almost ten years ago… now I feel old) it was the only station I listened to. Amazing stuff. If only there were more like it. KEXP you rock my face! Here’s ‘Local Natives’ doing the song ‘Airplanes’ for them.


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