3.23.10 – I’m Alright…

More Nashville… So this cat ‘Ricky Young’ is kind of a bad ass. Very talented songwriter with a strong voice I’ve had the honor of watching mature. He’s currently working with a few other guys on a project in L.A. He’s got melodies for days. Just check him out, especially songs like ‘Your Hands On My Skin’, ‘Suitcase Afternoon’, & ‘Sing Me A Song’ (all on a record called ‘Learn To Steal’). I’m going to post one from when he visited the radio station last fall. It’s a song he co-wrote with another great Nashvillian ‘Jeremy Lister’. I’ve only heard this song a handful of times live and it kicks me in the gut every time. I heard it for the first time while this video was being recorded.

Ricky Young – I Will Lie


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