BLACK KEYS: Drive Their New Album 12/06

The Black Keys have titled their new album El Camino and will release it on December 6th. The group made the release announcement by posting a clip on YouTube that’s a parody of a car dealer ad featuring Breaking Bad actor Bob Odenkirk. The duo also started a website called to promote the project.


5 Responses to “BLACK KEYS: Drive Their New Album 12/06”

  1. “Wrong way Roger!”

  2. Not so fast Mr. Waters…. This was released on 9/28… Think it may be all smoke and mirrors…

    “The Black Keys won’t be releasing a follow-up to their hip-hop side project BlackRoc anytime soon. News spread of a second album earlier this month when a video trailer for BlackRoc Two was posted on YouTube. But a band spokesperson now says the trailer was an unauthorized video done two years ago when the first album was released and that there are no plans for a second volume.”

  3. The Black Keys are also working on Blackroc 2! Warning: this link includes hip hop!

  4. hahaha. there he is…..wrong van!