Commit to Commute Update #6

Weather has been very tricky for the Team Green Adventures and Harpeth Bicycles Commit to Commute Challenge this past month! We started off with frigid temps, followed by non-stop rain, and now blistering heat! Nonetheless, I’m trying to get out on the bike as often as possible. I have found that although commuting to work has not been the easiest thing to do, afternoon leisure bike rides have been great. The temperatures are cooler and traffic is calmer. I unfortunately won’t be able to commute this week (even though it’s going to be beautiful weather) because I’ll be leading a long weekend island camping trip with Team Green Adventures at Cumberland Island, GA. I can’t bring my bike with me, but there are bikes to rent on the island, which I just may take advantage of!

In the meantime, I received an email from Lindsay at Harpeth Bicycles for an online interview she’s doing with all the Commit to Commute Participants. If you want to start logging your miles online and share your experience, email her at to get started! If you’re a regular commuter, you can log all your miles started back on May 15th!

Below is my response from the interview. I’ll share the link the article once it’s posted!

1. Why did you decide to commit to commute this month? I decided to commit to commute this month because cycling is an activity I’ve always been interested in, but never took the initiative to start doing. This challenge provided me an incentive to get out on a bike for the first time in years and wake up some sleepy¬† muscles.
2. How has riding this month affected you personally or physically and why do you think that is? Riding has been difficult because of the weather. Cold, Rain, extreme heat! There has only been a small window of good weather. However, the evening rides with the family have been a great experience and I definitely feel that I wake up with more energy in the morning because of it. Commuting on the days that I can has also impacted my eating schedule. I’m a horrible meal planner and forcing myself to commute has required me to eat a good breakfast and pack a good lunch so that I’m not tired during my commute. It has also required me to drink more water, which I should be doing anyways.
3. After this month event do you think you’ll continuing riding as much? Why? Honestly I wish that I have been riding more often that I actually have. I do plan to purchase a bicycle (perhaps something more in line with recreational riding instead of daily commuting, though). I’m a cool weather person, so I’m more likely to pick up commuting more often in the fall (Sept-Dec) and again in the spring (March-May). Yoga in the Park starts up this week and I plan to ride my bike to that event each week that I can attend.

4. How did you incorporate your riding into your memorial day weekend plans? I wish I had a chance to ride. I spent my memorial weekend doing home construction, which I needed the van to transport lumber, and shopping at the mall with my soon-to-be step daughter, Chloe, for wedding apparel. However, Jon and his daughter, Bella, rode from the park near his house to her mom’s house in North Franklin as their “daddy date” activity this week, which was super cool! I’m really pleased with how passionate the kids are about this challenge (heck, they’ve racked up more miles than I have!)
5. What would you tell a new beginner bike commuter? I would tell a beginner bike commuter to make sure they have all the right gear and research their possible routes before starting. Time the routes too! I still have not had a chance to purchase a bike lock, which has been my biggest setback in commuting more often (ie. to the store, etc). Just the other day I needed to drive from my house to a local diner to pick up lunch, and really wanted to take my bike (only about 3 miles round trip), but I had no bike lock and it was in a rougher part of town. Another thing, the bike lights on the front and back of the bike (in addition to a head lamp) have also been crucial. There have been several times on family rides when we got caught up in the ride and had to head home on main roads in the dark. Usually I was the only one who had a light with me.

Thanks so much for reading my blog! Remember to get out on your bikes, visit Harpeth Bicycles for a bike tune up/new ride, and check out the Team Green Adventures Calendar for upcoming summertime treks!

-Keeley Reed, Team Green Adventures Director

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