Lightning 100 welcomes fun. to Ryman Auditorium on February 16th. Tickets go on sale Friday at 10am and Lightning 100 has your front row tickets!  We’re looking for the most outrageous or funny video of you singing part of your favorite song by fun.. Just shoot your video, upload it to youtube and send us the link on facebook.

The top 5 videos will win tickets for fun.. First place wins front row tickets, 2nd place gets second row and so on.

Email with the subject line of ” Fan of Fun.”  Please include the following info.

Phone Number:
Date of Birth: 
Link to Video: 

Check out some of our entries!



  1. Jerry Buckley says:

    Add my name to the list of those who feel jilted due to this strange conflux of events. I spent two or three weeks thinking and planning, and asked a family member to come to my house to video my songs. I submitted on Feb 5; to find out the prizes had already been awarded. Who’s in charge here? I expected better from Lightning 100 than this sort of mess. Should I go ahead and write that letter to the editor of the Tennessean; “Lightning 100 Takes the Fun out of “Fun” Promotional”

  2. Jerry Buckley says:

    Add my name to the list of those who feel jilted by this strange conflux of events. I spent three weeks planning my videos, arranged for someone to come to my house on Sunday to shoot the video, and submitted them on Feb 5; only to discover that I was too late to be considered. Wow! I certainly expected better from Lightning 100 that this! Is it time for me to write that “letter to the editor” of the Tennessean; I’ve already composed in my head. “Lighnting 100 Takes the Tun out of “Fun” Promotional”.

  3. Glenn says:

    I hope this all gets resolved! Any way you can post your video on here for us to see? It sounds like you put a lot of work into it.

  4. John says:

    wait, you already chose winners? I thought we had until the sixth!

  5. Glenn says:

    Are these all the entries?

    • admin says:

      These are our favorites. We sent the winners all their ticket info on Friday.

      • Billy says:

        We sent our video over on February 2 because the deadline said February 6th — you guys chose the winners on Friday? We are super disappointed. We spent a lot of time and effort on this video and we are totally bummed. We are big fans and took the time to try to make ours the best. Had we known you were going to choose the winners before the deadline you have posted on this site, we would have made sure we submitted ours before then. There is no communication anywhere else that we can find stating you would choose a winner before the deadline you have posted here; we even checked the the original email blast announcing the contest. Please advise? What’s the deal?

      • Rachel says:

        Im confused, I thought the contest didn’t end til Wednesday the 6th? My sister and I were gonna enter!

  6. Geoffrey says:

    is there an age restriction?

  7. Can you enter multiple times with different videos?

  8. Alex says:

    How many tickets do the winning videos win and is there a time constraint for the video?

  9. Jessica Hale says:

    When is the deadline for the videos?

  10. Brenda Thomas says:

    What is the deadline for entries to this contest?