How Come You Always Go There

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How would you like to score front row tickets for the sure to be sold out Feist concert at the Ryman Auditorium on May 1st?  Feists new hit song is called…”How Come You Never Go There”, but Lightning 100 is asking, “How Come You Always Go There?”

Lightning 100 has been traveling around town, placing Feist posters in some of our favorite local businesses.  Then, head on over to one of these great Nashville businesses and snap a quick photo of yourself with the poster, post the picture to Lightning 100’s Facebook Page and get your friends to “like” it on Lightning 100’s official Facebook album “How Come You Always Go There Contest“.  Where are the posters?

Can’t make it to the business?  Click here to download the image.

We have tickets in the 1st 5 rows at the Ryman, so you have a great chance of winning! The deadline for this contest is Thursday at noon and the winner will be announced on Friday at 10am(CST).  Tickets are on sale on Friday at 10am(CST).


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