Lightning 100 Unplugged

This past Sunday’s Lightning 100 Unplugged show featured some new versions of some of your favorite Lightning 100 music, including a great live version of Death Cab For Cutie’s “I Will Possess Your Heart” and Neil Young’s “Cinnamon Girl” on piano. Get your coffee brewing early and plan to join me next Sunday morning at 9:30am!

Here’s what I played:

ArtistSong TitleBackstage BonnarooSun 2/23/14
Jack JohnsonI Got YouBackstage Bonnaroo
Alt JTessellateBackstage Bonnaroo
Ben HarperFight Outta YouBackstage Bonnaroo
Neil YoungCinnamon GirlLive at The Cellar Door
Ray LaMontagneForever My FriendBackstage Bonnaroo
Death Cab For CutieI Will Possess Your HeartLive From The Archives, Vol. 15
Ryan AdamsLucky NowiTunes Session
Vance JoyEmmyLouLightning 100 Secret Show
Father John MistyI’m Writing A NovelBackstage Bonnaroo
Talking HeadsPsycho Killer (live)Stop Making Sense
Shawn ColvinSunny Came HomeLive From The Archives, Vol. 5
Ed KowalczykLightning CrashesLightning 100 In Studio July 10, 2009
ColdplayGod Put A Smile Upon Your FaceLive From The Archives, Vol. 15
G. LovePeace, Love and HappinessLive From The Archvies, Vol. 15
Peter Bradley AdamsYou DanceNashville Sunday Night, June 11, 2006


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