Listener Appreciation Show featuring Ed Sheeran

Did you catch Ed Sheeran open up for Snow Patrol at Ryman Auditorium?    Tune in to Lightning 100 for your chance to win tickets this week.  The show is free, but there is a $10 minim in the venue.  The show is 18+ unless you are accompanied by a parent.


3 Responses to “Listener Appreciation Show featuring Ed Sheeran”

  1. I would like 2 tickets for the Ed Sheeran show tonight. Huge fan. Please
    let me know how i can get tickets. Thank you.

  2. Teresa Crutcher says:

    I am listening everday and signed up for the newsletter, but have not received one yet, trying to get ticket to Ed, what time does person need to show up on monday. Me and my two daughter just love him.

  3. Thad Caldwell says:

    I have a daughter that turns 14 on June 18 ( the same date as the show at 3rd & Lindsley). My daughter is crazy about Ed Sheerhan and it would MAKE HER BIRTHDAY if we could get tickets…

    How can I get my hands on some tickets? – if we got 4 the whole family could go…

    I am a very appreciative listener – I have been listening to Lightning 100 since you were on the low power radio frequencies that would change every few years as you traded up… Since before the days of the Phoenix radio… since the days before my daughter was born….