Marathon Music Works One Year Birthday Bash

Lightning 100 wants to send you to Marathon Music Works One Year Birthday Bash featuring The Wailers for free on November 7th!   We are completely full on the guest list.  Please check your email for your confirmation ticket.


58 Responses to “Marathon Music Works One Year Birthday Bash”

  1. i love the wailer pretty awsome keep up the good music

  2. Jessica says:

    My dad registered tickets for 3 of us but all under his email. He only received one notification that was addressed to him. Does that mean we arent on the list? We tried calling but got a vmail.

  3. Kylee says:

    It’s my birthday too! Any way I can get two tickets?

  4. Adrienne says:

    Hi! I signed up for the guest list yesterday and it said that I should have received a confirmation email but I never got one so I was just wondering if I actually made the list or not. Thank you!

  5. Michael says:

    I never received my confirmation email, and I wanted to make sure I am on the list. I might have registered with, but not positive.

  6. Rachel says:

    Anyway we can squeeze 2 more people inside Marathon tonight?!?

  7. Namon Anderson says:

    Are there any tickets left?

  8. Anthony Sciarpelletti says:

    looking for a ticket to Wailers

  9. scott lieberman says:

    looking forward to the show tonight!!!!

  10. Sarah says:

    do you have tickets left? would like 2 please.

  11. Grace says:

    Saw them live last year, would be the highlight of my week to see them again! They put on such a good show

  12. Grace says:

    !! Are there still spots?? I must attend!!

  13. Jason Piffier says:

    Love The Wailers! Marathon music Works has done it again!

  14. Veronica says:

    Is the list completely full?? Does that mean if you’re not signed up, you can’t go?? :-( I’ll pay cash! Lol

  15. Please add my name to the list.

  16. Brie says:

    Is it too late to get tix? The website isnt letting me get them

  17. Please add me to the list, if possible. Thanks!

  18. Jackie D. says:

    Happy Birthday, Marathon Music Works! Can’t believe it’s already been one year. Please let me know if there’s any way to get me and 3 friends on the list.

  19. Alesha says:

    So are there no more tickets available?

  20. brittany says:

    can we still get tickets, or is it all sold out?

  21. brittany says:

    so is the show sold out? or can i still register to get tickets?

  22. We would love to be on the guest list if possible. Thanks!

  23. Abby says:

    I tried to get my ticket through this website but it said the guest list is full and they will be sending me a confirmation ticket but i haven’t received one.

  24. We would like to be added to the guest list, if possible.

  25. Tori says:

    If we are on the list, are we allowed guests to bring with us? Do we only get a ticket for ourselves?

  26. Tori says:

    If we are on the list, how many guests can we bring?

  27. Reem B Halasa says:

    Hope to be among all the amazing sound and energy. Love to be a part of the Marathon Music Works 1 Year celebration!

  28. Reem B Halasa says:

    Positive thoughts and vibes, hope to be a part of it.

  29. Reem B Halasa says:

    The energy of the show will be amazing. I hope to be a part of that spirit…

  30. Rick B says:

    Brian, Hi. Just got my notification from L100 and want to know if this is for One admission or for Two? Thanks.

  31. Jessica says:

    This will pop my “The Wailers” cherry! So excited

  32. Charlie says:

    We are coming from Lexington, KY and we have registered but what if more people register for the show than the venue can hold, what happens then, will we get in?

  33. Robbie says:

    Does anyone know when they will be notifying people about tickets?

  34. Jeff Moody says:

    Looking forward to the Wailers and my first show at Marathon Music Works…

  35. Dana says:

    for some reason it didn’t keep the date of 1969 as my birth year and put me as

  36. Amy Marshall says:

    Love the Wailers!

  37. marisha says:

    I saw The Wailers at LOTG. They put on such an amazing show. I would absolutely love to see them again.

  38. barry cooper says:

    this is barry here i could tell u guys some stuff. type i met ziggy marley in the on the net and watch… onelove barry

  39. Nikki says:

    My 40th birthday is that day! I’ll be travelling to Nashville to celebrate it with a group of friends. Would LOVE to celebrate it with MMW and the Wailers too! Pick me!

  40. Amanda says:

    I would love you long time if you picked me to attend this show!!!

  41. Holly Sivley says:

    Please :)

  42. great , want to Stir It Up with the Wailers.

  43. Kimberly ward says:

    My 51st birthday is November 3. My 33 year old son with cerebral palsy is Bob Marley and the Wailers number 1 fan! He has met the Wailers, Stephen and Ziggy Marley. Reggae music is his love and heart. Check out his “I met Ziggy Marley Video” on utube under therastaways. Make my birthday by continuing his dream of living One Love.

  44. Heck ya! I want to Stir It Up with the Wailers.

  45. Warner Spencer says:

    give heartical thx, fo bring de vibez of Rootz-Rock-Reggae wanc again to muzik-city USA Nashville, TN – I&I lookin forward, to hopefully attend de legendary THE WAILERS show… PEACE, LOVE n’ JAH BLESS to wan n’ all… RasTafari Selassie I. liveth I-tinually

  46. I know brotha Junior through his toruing guitarist Ronnie Edwards.

    Peace & love to all who win.

    Much love,

    Sal Rinella

  47. Nicole says:

    My 40th Birthday is on November 26th! I can’t think of a funner event to go to during my birthday month! Making a birthday wish now….. :)

  48. Misty Cousin says:

    Marathon? Wailers? Yes please!

  49. Aubrey cousin says:

    I pray I get this I missed them the last time I was in nashville. Plus I love marathon music works. Fav venue of 2012. Lots of awesome shows

  50. Sarah Underwood says:

    Hope to see the Wailers….they put on an amazing show on Live on the Green in 2010!