Mayhem in Music City

Not quite Music City Mayhem. More literally, Mayhem in Music City, as in May is flying by and there is a lot going on. Personally, I am working late again tonight and currently recording in section two of Music Business Radio, which sounds great! Then prepping for a wedding reception I will be DJing tomorrow near Chatanooga, TN in Sawanee. Home to the University of the South. Should be fun, although it is outdoors and the weather has been really stormy lately!

So the wife and kids returned this week from a ten day trip to Illinois. It was so great having them back at the house. I’m looking forward to spending the day with them on Sunday. Hopefully we will have decent weather!

Cinco De Mayo was raging beside La Paz and I caught this rocking local Nashville band, The Justin Kalk Orchestra. I have actually seen them with a horn section before, which was terrific, but just as a four piece you can really see their talent. I think there are big things ahead for them…

I had a couple of the local Nashville Singer Songwriters on my show yesterday. They did a Carole King / James Taylor song. They sound great in the video and the ending is pretty funny. Again kudos to our webguy Brian Waters.

We have a new contest going on right now at called Why not you at Bonnaroo?! Here is a sample video our web guy brian made that I really like!

In case you missed it, Jonell Mosser was in my studios recently. Here is part one of the interview & performance…

Meiko stopped by the Lightning 100 studios again, after her recent Nashville Sunday Night performance. This time to chat with our morning show host Mary Brace. She will be back in town again in June with Eric Hutchinson for a gig at 12th & Porter. Here she is doing her hit song Boys with Girlfriends.

James Morrison was in town recently for a show at the Cannery Ballroom. He stopped by the Lightning 100 studios that afternoon to chat with David Hall. Here he is doing his hit song, Nothing ever hurt like you!

This is a link to the Lightning 100 channel. Lots more videos to come this summer! We will be at Bonnaroo covering the festival again before you know it!


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