Middle Brother… Great new supergroup

Have you heard of this new super group called Middle Brother??? Middle Brother is Matt Vasquez, John J. McCauley III and Taylor Goldsmith. I’m sure you’re familiar with Matt Vasquez indirectly.  He is the lead singer of Delta Spirit.  A band we play frequently on Lightning 100.  The other two guys… Well it’s just a matter of time.  Goldsmith is the lead singer of Dawes.  A indie/rock band out of California, you have probably heard the Dawes song “When My Time Comes” on a recent Chevy commercial.  McCauley of Deer Tick fronts the indie/folk band out of Providence, Rhode Island.  The last time I saw Deer Tick was when they opened for Dr. Dog at the Cannery Ballroom a while back. (They had a huge following back then.)

Now that you know the cast of characters.. Lets talk about this new record.  It hasn’t come out of my car CD player since it dropped in stores.  When I bought the LP, I was hoping it would consist primarily of Vasquez.  I am a huge Delta Spirit fan.  This was not the case. In hindsight, I couldn’t be happier about this.  The record really showcases McCauley of Deer Tick, of whom I knew the least.  That has changed as of late. All 3 guys really compliment one another very well, with beautiful lyrics and raspy delivery. The whole LP is good.  But if  you want to save some money and only buy a few tracks I would suggest the title track “Middle Brother,” the 1st track “Daydreaming” and a the last track on the A side called “Portland.”

You have been forewarned.  Go forth and make good life/music decisions.


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