Name Your Venue Contest

Lightning 100 is excited to exclusively announce a new, locally owned and operated venue coming to Nashville in the Marathon Village area! Do you miss the days of 328 Performance Hall and City Hall? This multi-use space should fill that void and bring a fresh approach with a commitment to eco-friendly efforts, charitable community outreach, left of center music and eco-chic events.

Nashville, we would like to offer you the first of many opportunities to make this venue your own! We want you to think of this venue as your own and name YOUR venue!  Submit a name for the space between 7/29-8/05. Every name submission will receive one complimentary ticket to the exciting grand opening show. We will announce our favorite submissions on 8/05 and then we need you to vote to name YOUR venue.  Voting will end on 8/10 and Lightning 100 will unveil the new venue name and performers for the grand opening show on 8/12 during the Lunch Request Hour(noon).   To contact YOUR new venue, please email us at

What you can win!
All who submit a venue name will receive (2) tickets to grand opening show
Everyone who votes on the winning name will receive (2) additional tickets to the show of their choice in the next year
: Whoever submits the winning name will receive (2) tickets to every show for 1 year

Click here to see official rules.


21 Responses to “Name Your Venue Contest”

  1. linerider says:

    Good post. I’ve been searching on this. Looking forward to your next post in Name Your Venue Contest » Lightning 100.

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  2. David says:

    so when and where can we vote?!?!

  3. vince oldham says:

    Surely the people of Nashville are more creative than the aforementioned. Pitiful.

  4. […] still have a couple hours to contribute your name suggestions to Nashville’s upcoming mid-sized music venue in Marathon Village and, potentially, win […]

  5. Larry Lehmann says:


  6. Megan Scurlock says:

    Sala Verde =green room. Both to stand for a “before the show” room for artists and to tie in to the Eco-friendly side. Plus, sala references wedding receptions and meetings, not just an empty room – a party room! Plus, marketing/branding would be easy…

  7. Blake Scurlock says:

    Spiridon Soundstage:
    Spiridon Louis was the first winner of the Olympic Marsthon race. Spiridon is also a planet on Doctor Who…

  8. Emily Finney says:

    I think it should simply be “The Phoenix”

  9. Kelly Julow says:

    all good comments!!!

  10. Bake says:

    “Phoenix Ballroom” since when built the Building was the Phoenix Cotton Mill back in 1881

    Can’t wait to see it!

  11. How about LeftStream, as opposed to Boring Stream Music Row?

  12. Reese says:

    I was reading the piece on the nature of the club and, although the information was understandably somewhat sparse, it appeared to me that the club was going to be edgy but with a degree of sincere thought to it’s mission. That’s why I’m suggesting a little of both concepts incorporated into the name “Mindfield”. At any rate, there’s never enough venues that produce good quality entertainment and this club sounds great. I can’t wait to see how it turns out. I wish you the best!

  13. Joel Meredith says:

    The Electric Ballroom…..BOOM!! That was easy. Gimme my prize…

  14. Lana says:

    Cadence Factory

  15. Kilncadzow says:

    Hell yes, i have need of write something preference this if it in its name sense not that didnt have time, may i repost this connection Your Venue Contest » Lightning 100

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  16. Kathryn Stone says:

    the explanation for my submission *the Herald* is that marathon runners in Athens (like in the legend of Pheidippides the Greek runner) were called Road-Heralds… so the Herald=The Runner… Those who take part in a Marathon!

  17. well I keep coming back to the lyrics of an Ice Cube song ” Life is not a sprint it’s a Marathon ” so I guess that is my submission makes sense to me since it will be a mutli purpose space ( I still miss 328 )

  18. Pamela young says:

    What better name than The Bells. In memory of Arabella Ann Cobb the Bells will ring with everything from music, dance , weddings and more. Let Bella’s bells ring with every event that takes place in this Venue for years to come.

  19. hhhmmm gonna have to brainstorm on this…

  20. Lisa Vetitoe says:

    “Rahmaton” (it’s an anagram of Marathon)

  21. What better name for a venue in Marathon Village than 26.2!!