What “Big Game” Ads Do You Remember?

We all get excited to see the advertisements during the Super Bowl.  The Big Game brings out the industry’s best commercials and at $4 million for a 30-second spot, you’d hope for results.  However, according to a study conducted by Nielsen Entertainment for the Radio Advertising Bureau, this year’s advertisers during the “Big Game” had these results…

  • Only 15% of game viewers said, they later looked for the ads or related content online.
  • Only 9% of game viewers posted, tweeted, or shared links about the ads.
  • As few as 7% of game viewers claimed that they actually looked for more information online about the advertised products or brands.

The survey below consisted of online interviews conducted on February 6, 2013 with 750 respondents aged 18-54 who said they had watched the game and saw any of the 10 ads in question.

Respondents who said they had seen each of the ads in question while they were watching the Big Game were asked to answer the following unaided questions:


  • “What type of product or service was being advertised in the TV ad…?”
  • “What was the actual brand name of the product advertised in the TV ad…?”

The ads were described as “The TV ad where…”

  • An animated black goldfish swam around singing “No Diggity.”
  • Paul Harvey narrated a tribute to the American Farmer.
  • Tracy Morgan from 30 Rock talks in front of a giant flag.
  • People were all having a hard time trying to pronounce the month of FebuANY.
  • A woman is saved by a lifeguard who punches a shark, then leaves him for an astronaut.
  • A man leaving the house realizes his sleeping girlfriend is wearing his favorite t-shirt.
  • A wife wins big on a scratch-off card in a mini mart while her husband chokes on a hot dog.
  • A young son asks his father where babies come from.
  • The celebrities Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen are called in to audition for the same ad.
  • A man walking down the street catches on fire, grows elephant feet and turns a tanker truck into rubber duckies.


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Jim James…

Such a cool performance on Jimmy Fallon… Check it!

Jim James – A New Life


“Sol Cat” by Sol Cat

“Sol Cat” by Sol Cat

Debut Full-Length by Sol Cat

Album Release 2/9 at The Stone Fox



Lightning 100 wants to know what youre getting ready for this year! Are you going to have a baby? Are you scoring VIP tickets to Live on the Green? Maybe you are going to Europe this summer! To get you ready for Dispatch’s May 29th show, tell us on facebook what you are looking forward too this new year and you might just win tickets!


the615 1/29/13

Episode30. The615 1/29/13

Local Artist of The Week
The Kicks- Live Fast Die Young- Tonight everything Changes- itunes special 6.99

Dj Picks
Hammel – Trenton – Within My Soul – Dreamers
Wells – Michael Logan- Mystery- Things I Failed To Mention

This Just In
Blackfoot Gypsies- Coming Through The Pines-(Feb 8th at Exit/In,Feb 11th at High Watt)
The Electric Hearts- Tired
Marie Hines-My Love Will Never Fail You- The Tide & Sea-Local artist of the week- Feb 11-17

Bands around town
Leagues-You Belong Here- You Belong Here- Playing @ Mercy w/ Nikki Lane 2/1/13
Jacob Jones- Play it Loud Ray- Good Timin’ In Waynetown
The Depressions- I Think I know I love you- Playing the Basement 1/31/13
Cory Branan – Skateland South – The Hell You Say – The High Watt 2/2/13

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Kishi Bashi…

Another one I’ve been diggin on…

Kishi Bashi – Bright Whites

Kishi Bashi – Manchester


Mumford & Sons review The Avett Brothers PARENTAL WARNING!

The Avett Brothers have a fan in Mumford and SonsWinston Marshall. The banjo player blogged in 2012 about his love of the band’s 2006 album Four Thieves Gone: The Robbinsville Sessions. The band reissued that album on vinyl back in November and now Marshall has shot a funny video to promote it. Check him out below as “Tarquinius Grossman of HarMoney Records.” Parental Warning, bad language!


Fruit Ninjas….the movie

We all know the game Fruit Ninja, but it has now been brought to reality by a tubby fellow and his sword. Oh yeah, and it’s set to freakin’ dubstep. Wub wub slice wub slice slice.




This group is out of Brooklyn, NY & played with Milo Greene at the High Watt when they were in  town late last year.


Lucius – Don’t Just Sit There


More Frightened Rabbit…

You should be hearing this very soon…

Frightened Rabbit – The Woodpile

The new record Pedestrian Verse drops in February and they’re playing our Nashville Sunday Night live broadcast on March 24th!

Oh yeah, if you missed it…



Luella & The Sun…

These guys are going to be chased by every music industry entity in 2013…

Luella & The Sun – Light In The Sky


The Rise of the “Mansumer”

Metrosexual  : a usually urban heterosexual male given to enhancing his personal appearance by fastidious grooming, beauty treatments, and fashionable clothes

In recent studies by the, Interpublic’s media shop BPN has documented the rise of the “mansumer.”  “While the job market for men has recently improved, the lasting effects of the recession have altered the traditional ‘provider’ paradigm,” BPN states. “With that, the new chief buyer in the American household is the man of the house. With the rise of the mansumer comes a whole new set of potential changes in advertising, purchase patterns and common marketing practices.”

The agency cites a batch of statistics to support its case. Forty percent of men are now the primary grocery shopper in the household, while 44% say they share equally in the task of housecleaning. And a whopping 86% agree that the male role in the household has been redefined and requires partaking in tasks that are “necessary to keep the household running,” including childcare, shopping and various other activities like buying the holiday gifts.

But, while men shop more than ever, they shop differently and with less emotion and more focus on achieving certain goals.

“Men don’t just shop; they buy,” stated BPN North American CEO Liz Ross. “Through our research and analysis, we are seeing that, whether by choice or obligation, men are doing more shopping than they have in the past,” said Ross. “These men are no longer disenfranchised
; rather, they are empowered by technology and a growing recognition of the contributions they make.”

The agency recommends that retailers create recognition programs in line with the mansumer’s “need for praise.” Also, retailers should consider increasing the number of price match opportunities they present to shoppers. A re-evaluation of gift card strategies might also help boost sales, BPN asserts.

“Needs may be different this year because the mansumer is aware of exactly what his family wants this holiday season. He’s no longer unsure what to buy.”

(Source: Marketing Daily, 12/05/12) (RAB: Radio Sales Today)


Nashville’s Best Listeners…


Being born and raised in Nashville, I’ve had the pleasure getting to know a lot of people.  Some business owners, some consumers and some that take pride in being both.  They all seem to have one thing in common… wanting their dollars stretched as far as possible.  I don’t know many people who like wasting money.  So as a listener of Lightning 100 know that we do business with people we think you will appreciate and enjoy doing business with.  As for businesses… here is a an easy-to-read chart of our listener demographic, ages 18-74.  Information provided by The Media Audit.



I told you our listeners ROCK!     :-D


Win Maui Jim Shades with Your Last Request. Or Not.

last margarita

Last Margarita?

Okay, so.

The world may or may not be ending next Friday, with all that Mayan calendar business. Don’t know about you, don’t know about what the skeptics say, but I intend to hedge my bets.

It’s entirely possible Friday, December 21st may be my last airshift. Ever. Yup. Or not. Either way, I’m going to indulge myself. And I’m bringing you with me.

Tell me. What’s your last request?

If there was one song in the world that you’d want to hear just one last time before the fit all hits the shans, what would it be? I’ll work in what I can. No, really.

I’m going to throw in a prize, for those of you who plan on being around December 22nd and on: a sweet pair of Maui Jim Cliff House shades! Random drawing from request entries. Winner must be able to pick them up at the station.


Perfectly Crafted Colorado Experience

How would you like the chance to win a “Perfectly Crafted Colorado Experience”, including airfare and accommodations for two, the chance to tour the Blue Moon brewery, have dinner with the Blue Moon Brewmaster and experience the slopes, Blue Moon style?  Here it is!

Lightning 100 and Blue Moon are giving away this perfectly crafted experience on Wednesday, December 19th between 6-8pm at Broadway Brewhouse & Mojo Grille – Midtown.

To be eligible to win, here is what you need to do:


Music City – get creative! Create your ‘Perfectly Crafted Blue Moon Art’ (examples include: body painting, songwriting, drawings, paintings, sketches, photography, sculpting, costumes, etc.) and bring it to Broadway Brewhouse & Mojo Grille – Midtown on Wednesday, December 19th between 6-8pm.

Then join us at Broadway Brewhouse & Mojo Grille – Midtown on December 19th between 6 and 8pm where we will announce the winner.  Participate must be present to win.


Old Crow Medicine Show Scavengers List

Old Crow Medicine Show will be playing their sold out New Years Eve show at the Ryman and only we are giving you the chance to win tickets.  The first two listeners to our station with every item on the list, will win one pair of tickets to OCMS on New Years Eve.

Scavengers List:

  1. Tin Roof cup
  2. Photo of Music Circle statue
  3. Lightning 100 coaster from Corsair
  4. Photo of your face in front of a Thousand Faces
  5. A bumper sticker from Grimeys

Hurry up!


Why Choose Radio?

Take a second and think of your favorite book.  You know… the one you’ve read several times.  One so good, when they based a movie around it you were disappointed.  Why do you think that was the case?

The answer is really quite simple.

When something is described well, we easily create a picture in our mind. A powerful, vibrant, highly defined picture.  It is always one-of-a-kind and our own way of capturing the words and creating images.  

So no matter what product you are selling or services you are offering, let the listener create the image.  Radio IS the “full page” ad.  


Have you experienced what radio can do for your company?



The615 Playlist for 11/20/12

Episode20. The615 11/20/12

Alyssa Bonagura – I Make My Own Sunshine – Love Hard

Hammel – Dave Rawlings Machine – Monkey & The Engineer – A Friend Of A Friend (2009)
Wells – Charlie – Takes One - Dreaming

Featured Guest- Nick DeVan- G.E.D. Soul Records (Raw Funk & heavy Soul) Est. 2007 – gedsoulrecords.com
Nicks Picks-
1. DeRobert & the Half Truths- I Got Burned
2. AJ & the Jiggawatts- The Drop
3. DeRobert 7 the Half Truths- Christmas Kisses- Super Soul Christmas

The Southern Shame – That Sorta Guy - Careful w/ That Ax
Modoc – Mother Mary- Fortune & Fame

Mike Farris – Oh, Mary Don’t You Weep - Salvation In Lights
Music City Roots w/ Jim Lauderdale & Buddy Miller, Shawn Camp, The Church Sisters, & 18 South

Everlovinmind- Looking At You


Beautiful Song…

Written by a local friend…

Moon Taxi – Let’s Go Back


New Alabama Shakes…

From the movie “Silver Linings Playbook”

Alabama Shakes – Always Alright


Can’t Stop Listening…

So catchy & So great…

Maximo Park – The Undercurrents


WALK THE MOON Coming in today!

WALK THE MOON will be stopping by the Lightning 100 studios around 3pm.  They have a show tonight at Mercy Lounge.  Check out some of these AMAZING videos from WALK THE MOON!

After WALK THE MOON stops by, the band who is opening up the show tonight Family Of The Year will play us a few songs.


the615 Playlist for 10/30/12

(Episode #17) the615 Playlist for 10/30/12

Local Artist Of The Week:
Honey Honey
-Turn That Finger Around-Billy Jack Playing Tin Roof 2 11/02 at 7pm

Dj Picks:
Hammel: James Wallace & the Naked Light- To The River- More Strange News From Another Star
Wells: Paul McDonald & the Grand Magnolias- Deamons

Featured Guest: HeyPenny
HeyPenny’s Picks:
40 Watt- Playing 10/31 at The Cannery
Tristen- Matchstick Murder
The Features-

This Just In:
Brad Jones-Oh Well My Love Farewell-Oh Well My Love Farewell

Bands About Town:
Kyle Andrews- Turn The Radio Up- Robot Learn Love- Playin’ 10/31 High Watt w/ Diamond Rings, Stepdad & Goldfields
Honey Locust- Walkin’ Shones- Fear Is A Feeling- Playin’ The High Watt 11/02 w/ Frontier Ruckus & Foreign Fields


New Black Keys Song/Video w/ RZA

—–Parental Warning– Adult Language—–

The Black Keys premiered the video for “The Baddest Man Alive,” a collaboration with rapper-actor RZA, this week. The song is off the soundtrack to the RZA-directed movie The Man With the Iron Fists, which opens Friday. The video features a slow-motion food fight between The Black Keys and RZA…. in a Chinese restaurant.


Killian’s Irish Red Ruckus

Fill out the info below to receive a free ticket to VHS or Beta at Mercy Lounge this Monday plus a free cab ride home!


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