The 2010 Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival!

Your good friend Lt. Dan is heading down to Bonnaroo in the morning. I’ll be slaving away backstage, recording and editing interviews with dozens of artists between Thursday and Sunday. I’ll do my best to post as many as I can here for your listening pleasure. I don’t think I am allowed to post the schedule here but I can promise you it will be amazing! Full of up and coming artists, well established acts, and a few musical icons. It will be fun to share it with you and I hope you’ll leave me a comment or two. You can also follow along by finding my podcast in the itunes store. Just search Lt. Dan Buckley and you’ll be sure to find me.

Here is an aerial photo of the Bonnaroo Music and arts festival. Someday I would love to take my own photo like this!!!

Here is a photo of the backstage studio, surrounded by hay for soundproofing!


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