Tristen live at Basement

After missing Tristen’s in store performance at Grimey’s with We Were the States, I returned to The Basement later that evening for her second performance of the night.  It was a Black Cab Session‘s showcase featuring several underground Nashville artists.  If you’ve never visited their website, please take the time to visit their site.  Black Cab Session’s are primarily filmed in the UK.  Black Cab Session’s decided to tour the Untied States documenting different music scene all around the states.

Spoon from Black Cab Sessions on Vimeo.

The first few times I’ve seen Tristen perform it was singing backup for Caitlin Rose.  Later she made an appearance on The Non-Commissioned Officers “Soundtrack to Make-out With Violence.”  It was my first time seeing Tristen with the full band featuring Jordan Caress’ beautiful voice for backup and Buddy Hughen on guitar.  Jordan Caress can do nothing wrong in my book.  I’ve seen her work with countless people and her voice always sounds perfect.  I’m looking forward to Tristen’s full length album, coming out in February I believe, but until then download her free Eager For Your Love 7″ by clicking below.


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