Tuned In

The Show!

So I have this radio show. And you’re probably saying who are you. First let me say, it’s really weird to blog. I talk and write for a living, so this writing in the void of cyberspace it’s weird, kinda of like reading a bed time story to just the pillow.

Anyway, my name is Jayne Rogovin and I’ve lived in Nashville for almost twenty years. I ended up here like a lot of people did. Kind of thought this was going to pit a pit stop on life’s road, but somehow ended up in the black hole, that time warp continuum thing and I’m still here. Well I did leave briefly in the 90’s to work for NBC News in Dallas Ft Worth, but I saw the light and moved back. That’s a whole “nother story.

Any how, I’m an ex-journalist (well not quite ex) who loves Middle Tennessee. And I am honored to be hosting a program for one of the best radio stations in the country.
The purpose of Tuned-In is to spotlight the policy makers and taste makers, news makers and issues of our community. Some topics don’t have sexy titles, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t important. There are a lot of everyday people in this town that do amazing things. And there are a lot of everyday issues that are very very important.

So comments and guests suggestions are welcome. I hope you stay Tuned In with Me, every Sunday at 6:00 a.m. Yes it’s early but that’s why they invented podcasts!!!!!!!


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