Wells’ Top 10 Favorite Bonnaroo Videos!

1. #1 has got to be our Apache Relay golf cart video.  Brian the web guy and I dreamed up this idea very late one night at Bonnaroo.  I taped the mic to the back of the cart and we had 4 cameras on this ride.  It will forever be my favorite moment on the farm.

2. This was one of the 1st videos Brian the web guy and I made.  It still makes me laugh.  Apparently there is a lot of poo and drugs in the water…

3. 17 things I forgot to take to Bonnaroo.  You should know I was really into Alt J at the time this video was made.  Alt J…and tank tops.  Pickle?

4. Moon Taxi singing the Bonnaroo song in a ….wait for it…port-o-john.  Anyone who has been to the Roo knows that Port-o-potties aren’t meant for extended visits.  We got this in one shot, I ran sound sitting on the ground.  It was gross and awesome all at once.

5. #5 has got to be The Punch Brothers and Sarah Jaroz playing “Cry Cry Darling” in the radio compound.  Sometimes things just happen really organically and this was one of those times.  Chris Thile of  The Punch Brothers had been mixing drinks for everyone all night and decided he wanted to jam with 19 year old Sarah Jaroz.  I was so happy to have been there for this!

6. This was the 1st time me and B-dub got to meet The Weeks.  We were fans instantly!

7. I loved the Ben Sollee video from CenteRoo.  There were a bunch of folks hanging under the shade tree just waiting for the next band to play The Which Stage, little did they know they were getting awesome seats to a really cool show.  I really like his theory of how the Globe burned down as well.

8. I have never had so much fun running sound for a shoot.  Cheer Up Charlie Daniels cracks me up!

9. We like hip hop at Lightning 100 too!  Chancellor Warhol is one bad dude.

10.  As far as song writing goes, Caitlin Rose’s Shanghai Cigarettes is about as good as it gets.


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