Michael Franti and Spearhead in-studio

Michael Franti today announced his partnership with Soles4Souls, the international shoe charity dedicated to providing free shoes to people in need around the world partner together, in an effort to collect / sponsor 100,000 pairs of shoes! The campaign will serve to raise awareness of the need for footwear both nationally and internationally in order to enhance the lives of families worldwide through a cooperative effort to distribute critically needed footwear.  Check out this in-studio version of “Sound of Sunshine” with info on how to donate to Soles4Souls.

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  1. i live only 8 miles from downtown nashville and really enjoy listening to the Grateful Dead Hour, but sometimes your signal is so weak that i can’t hear it…and last night, 101.1’s signal was all over yours, to the point where i wondered if you’d changed format, until i heard somebody say i was listening to 101.1…but my radio was tuned to 100.1…and someplace way back in there i could hear Bobby singing “me and bobby mcgee”…so you might want to do whatever you have to do to get your bandwidth neighbors to mind their manners….and, by the way, what is that jam you play behind the announcement “and now back to the grateful dead hour”? it’s garcia at his best but i can’t quite place it…thanks, sorry to go off-topic with this comment but it’s the only way i could find to get a message to you!