NSN – Jars Of Clay 5/15/11 (audio, video clips)

Jars Of Clay wasted no time getting to their biggest hit on their 5/15/11 return to Nashville Sunday Night, opening the set with it!  Listen for Dan Haseltine’s joke about when he hears “Flood” on Lightning 100 at the end of the SoundCloud clip.  Click on the play button on the picture of Dan.  Our pals at Funky Umbrella shot a cool video of the second song, “Closer.”  The complete setlist was: Flood (audio clip), Closer (video), Eyes Wide Open, Scarlet, Safe To Land, Work, Headphones, All My Tears.

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  1. SoundPromo says:

    Top Choon!! I’m totally loving that beat – finally some quality music, I’ve been looking for something like this. Excellent work, keep it up! Cheers